What Has Da'Vonne Been Up To Since 'Big Brother 17'? She's Ready To Redeem Herself

When the first 12 houseguests were revealed on Big Brother 18, something didn't seem right. There were 12 of them — two of them related to former houseguests — but something was missing. A.k.a., four people were missing. Well, it only took about 20 minutes before Julie Chen announced that four additional "stowaways" would be joining the game, and one of those stowaways was Da'Vonne Rogers from last season of the show. So, what has Da'Vonne been up to since Big Brother 17? She's here to redeem herself.

If you were at all worried that Da'Vonne wouldn't be taking this seriously, think again. Within the first episode, Da'Vonne said that she was fighting for her life — which like, dramatic, but also accurate in the game of Big Brother. The original BB17 houseguest got off to a powerful start during her first season, finding an all girls alliance that corrupted very quickly. She then learned about the twin twist through some sneaky detective work. Unfortunately, she didn't play her cards right, and it led to her demise. She was out early, and quick to return to her life at home.

So what has life after Big Brother 17 been like? Well, it seems like she was ready to get back into the Big Brother house and redeem herself.

Spending Time With Her Daughter

Da'Vonne has a beautiful daughter, Kadence, cheering her on at home.

She Was On The Price Is Right

Some of the old Big Brother contestants participated in a Big Brother-themed episode of The Price is Right. Seems like Da'Vonne was a lucky charm.

She's Been Watching Other Series Of Big Brother

As any real fan does.

Welcome back, Da'Vonne. Hopefully this season goes smoother than last. If someone is a twin, maybe don't say anything to anyone.