What Has James Been Up To Since 'Big Brother'? He Was Ready To Return

Since America's Favorite Big Brother houseguest, James Huling, was voted off last season, he hasn't been forgotten, as his Twitter will show you how excited random fans are to come into contact with him. So, what has James been up to since Big Brother 17? He's been all about that Big Brother life even away from the house. That's probably because it's only been a year since Big Brother 17 premiered and his first competition show has been fresh in his mind. In the season premiere of Big Brother 18, it was revealed that the first of three twists for the night would be the introduction of four surprise guests. Huling ended up being among them, emerging from a luggage chest to the surprise of the 12 houseguests.

Obviously since his time on Big Brother 17, James Huling has been ready to return to the show and got to do just that as a returning veteran for Season 18. When he wasn't hunting or going on Walmart outings, though, Huling was appearing on Easiest Game show Ever and The Price Is Right Big Brother Edition. So yeah, generally remaining in the spotlight long enough to never be forgotten as the Big Brother 17 contestant who was voted as America's Favorite.

And that status of being a favorite was obviously a title that stuck, because in the year since Huling was on Big Brother 17, he's never really left his Big Brother roots and is a contestant again. And we could always use the nice and funny guy of the house, right?

Besides his reality and competition show endeavors, James Huling is also now an ambassador of Bullies Reality, a non-profit organization that supports and helped bullied kids and adults alike. It honestly just makes us love him even more, to know that he isn't just a slave to his TV opportunities. Now, will that nice guy/funny guy attitude bode well for him in another season of Big Brother? That's really anyone's guess, considering they do say that nice guys finish last and all that. But he was also in the group to win the first big competition on Big Brother 18 so regardless, he's off to a good start his second time around.

Since James was on Big Brother 17, he hasn't not been doing things that involve the show in some capacity, which is probably why it made such sense to bring him back for Season 18 of Big Brother, but who's complaining?