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What Has Jen Saviano Been Up To Since 'Bachelor In Paradise'? She's Moving On From Nick

The fate of more than one couple was spoiled before Bachelor in Paradise finished, but none so spectacularly as Jen Saviano and Nick Viall; ABC actually spoiled the outcome of their own show by announcing Nick as the new Bachelor before the finale of BiP aired. It made it pretty clear that Jen and Nick didn't end up together, but then again that might have been a foregone conclusion anyway. They've spent more time on the show focusing on all the walls Nick has built up than on anything else, making it clear that this love story might not have the happiest of endings. But what about afterwards? What has Jen Saviano been up to since BiP?

Though Jen and Nick seem to get along well and their relationship unfolded pleasantly enough, Nick holding back prevented either of them from appearing to get deeply invested – which, in turn, kind of makes it hard for a fan to really root for them. Jen definitely looked like she was more invested than Nick, which could have made things tough for her in the aftermath of their breakup. However, she seems to be taking it pretty well if social media is enough to go by. It looks like Jen's post-BiP life is back to business as usual.

Jen's Instagram would indicate she's living the dream: she's traveling, sitting poolside, eating enviable meals, and has a margarita in each hand. Such a life would look great enough under normal circumstances, let alone after a nationally televised breakup. Of course, as a lifestyle blogger slash online boutique owner, this probably counts as work for Jen, too; she's got to build up that brand, after all. Part of getting people to want your lifestyle advice is having a jealousy-inducing life to start with.

However, rumor has it that not everything has been picture perfect for Jen after leaving paradise. According to friend and fellow contestant Lauren Himle, Jen and Nick were still seeing each other after the show ended despite breaking up for the cameras – and their breakup became a lot more real once Nick got that call about The Bachelor. "She knew that he was kind of manipulating her towards the end," Lauren said. "This just happened, they were solid a week ago. It's fresh."

But while it could have been a little bit of a bumpy ride getting there, it does seem like Jen is handling her potential heartbreak well. What better way to drown your sorrows than with a drink by the pool?