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What Has Wells Been Up To Since 'The Bachelorette'? Social Media Hints At How Far He Got

In his time on The Bachelorette, Wells has come off as a decent contender for the final rose – and so far he's still going strong. He's cute, he's polite, he hasn't tried to start a fight or whined incessantly about a torn t-shirt. His social media is packed with pictures of puppies and his radio DJ job manages to be both pretty cool and not at all random or bizarre. All in all, he's not a bad prospect for JoJo even if they haven't seemed to connect in a super deep way yet. Now that filming has finished on the season, are there any hints as to how far Wells got in the competition? What has Wells been up to since The Bachelorette?

Like many of the contestants on the show, Wells hasn't been too revealing when it comes to potential spoilers. Everything on Wells' social media accounts upholds his relatively cute persona, from the photos with his family to the memes to the glimpses into his work life. And the dogs. Can't forget the dogs! He also seems to have forged some long-lasting friendships with the other guys in the house, giving shoutouts specifically to James Taylor, Jordan, and Luke. Wells doesn't exactly seem heartbroken, but that's not a sign that he got all the way to the end.

Wells is keeping it relatively low-key, probably because he can't risk revealing too much. In addition to spending time with his family and poking fun at The Chad on Twitter, Wells has been making nice with some of the other guys – and perhaps that's a clue as to who sticks around the longest and gets the closest to the finale. Luke, Jordan, and James have all stood out on the show as strong contenders and Wells seems close to all of them (even calling James one of his best friends) so maybe those four spent a decent amount of time together. Say, long enough to make it pretty far in the competition.

And just in case you were curious about the outcome of that threesome story from perhaps the most uncomfortable of all group dates, then you are in luck: Wells has shared it on social media. It's a lot less scandalous than one would expect, and it only takes fourteen seconds to tell.

Wells has enjoyed some non-Bachelorette time to himself, too. He still has his early morning radio show to focus on (complete with musical accompaniment All4One), but it also looks like he treated himself to a few days at Bonnaroo.

All-in-all, Wells seems to be doing well in the wake of The Bachelorette – so even if he didn't win, guesses are he could have gotten pretty close.