What If You Pee During Sex? 11 Ways To Handle The Dilemma

by Lindsay E. Mack

Getting intimate with someone requires a tremendous amount of trust and vulnerability. After all, sex can be pretty weird even when everything goes according to plan, let alone when there's a mishap. If you bladder is somewhat rebellious, you may have one fear in particular: what if you pee during sex? For persons with vaginas, this seemingly straightforward question has a lot of possibilities.

First, it's entirely possible to feel like you really need to pee during sex, only to find out you're dealing with a false alarm. It's all a matter of anatomy. As noted in Planned Parenthood, your urethral sponge (AKA G spot) grows and increases in sensitivity when you're aroused. This may increase the pressure on your urethra itself, making you feel like you need to leap from the bed and race to the bathroom. In general, however, this sensation is something that will pass in time without incident.

Next, you may experience some fluid leaking out during sex. For most people, you'll notice the fluid from your urethra and think: well, that's gotta be pee. But this may not be the case. According to New Scientist, some women release liquid at the point of climax, and it could originate from the skene glands, which may be analogous to the male prostate. (Other sources, as noted in Discover, claim this fluid is indeed urine. Female ejaculation can be a weirdly contentious topic.)

Lastly, coital incontinence is indeed a thing that happens to many people. As the name suggests, this refers to the loss of bladder control during sex. According to the Mayo Clinic, it may be a form of stress incontinence, in which people experience some urine leakage when laughing, exercising, or having sex. If this sounds like your situation, read on to learn about the many ways to manage this condition.


Get A Checkup

If coital incontinence is putting a damper on your sex life, a doctor's visit may be your first course of action. As noted by Healthline, anything from an overactive bladder to a bladder infection may be the culprit. And if your regular practitioner doesn't know how to approach this issue, then you may seek out a urogynecologist, as they specialize in pelvic floor disorders and bladder dysfunctions, as noted by the International Urogynecologial Association.


Communicate With Your Partner

Chances are, any worries about peeing during sex can put a damper on your relationship. As with most things, however, your best bet is open and honest communication. Who knows? Maybe your SO will actually be into it.


Rethink Bedding

If you're concerned about changing the sheets every time you go to town, there are plenty of options. Old towels may do the trick, or you could try a waterproof picnic blanket or special sex blanket, as noted in the Debrief. You don't have to go without sex or condemn yourself to daily laundry.


Empty Your Bladder Before Sex

Granted, a quick trip to the toilet is not the most exciting from of foreplay. But as noted by Dr. Jerath, emptying your bladder before sex will result in a decreased likelihood of leakage. It may be the peace of mind you need to enjoy sex fully.


Position Yourself

It may be time to rethink your bedroom regime. For instance, trying out new sex positions may help you find a way to have sex without the worry of leakage. If nothing else, the new positions can provide a pleasant distraction.


Try Kegels

Strengthening your pelvic floor may also provide some relief from urinating during sex. And according to Cosmopolitan, there are so many ways to do Kegels, you'll never get bored with these exercises. It may be the most fun workout ever.


Avoid Irritants

Unfortunately, some parts of your diet may worsen your symptoms. As noted in WebMD, caffeine, nicotine, and alcohol can irritate the bladder and make incontinence worse. Skipping that afternoon coffee may be worth the benefits in the bedroom.


Stay Sexy

If you're embarrassed by peeing during sex, then your libido may suffer as well. In this case, it's crucial to do things that make you feel sexy to keep your mojo going. Whether you're into reading erotica or taking a bubble bath, staying true to your sexy self is important as ever.


Keep Notes

To help your doctor fully understand the causes of your bladder concerns, you may be asked to keep a voiding diary. A voiding diary, as shown by the Providence Medical Group, gets you to record your urination activity in minute detail. This practice can make both you and your doctor more aware of potential causes of incontinence. Plus, it's fun to casually leave lying around to freak out friends and family members.


Consider The Shower

If you're still searching for the cause of your leaks during sex, then consider the shower. As noted by Intimina, shower sex is a great option because no one will even know if leakage occurs. It's a fun option for both you and your SO.


Consider All Treatment Options

Depending on your diagnosis, you may need to make lifestyle changes, take medication, or even consider surgical options to treat your coital incontinence. For instance, persons with stress incontinence may consider surgical options to improve your sphincter or provide greater support for the bladder's neck, as noted by the Mayo Clinic. Whatever the case, you may need to consider some serious solutions to your leakage dilemma.