'Bachelor' Contestant Tayshia Isn't The Squeamish Type With Her Cool Job

Grab your freeze-dried roses — the Season 23 premiere of The Bachelor starring Colton Underwood is almost here. That means more tears, more drama, and more confusing job titles for contestants. What is a professional "sloth" (I'm looking at you, Alex D.)? Honestly the best part of watching the show is trying to figure out what these people actually do for a living and how to implement such careers in my own life. Who wouldn't want to get paid to be Cinderella (yes, it's a thing this season)? Speaking of cool jobs, what is a phlebotomist? The Bachelor contestant Tayshia makes a living with blood. Yep — you read that right.

A phlebotomist is a medical professional who "draws and prepares blood for medical testing, medical testing, transfusions or donation," according to Cambridge Health. These totally bad a** employees are typically trained to get blood through finger pricks, venipuncture, or sometimes heel pricks — like in the case for infants. They do whatever's necessary to draw the blood needed for testing and transfusions. You're most likely to see a phlebotomist in a hospital, outpatient center, labs, clinics, and blood donation sites where they collect blood for testing and diagnosis, transfuse blood into those who need it (in the event of an emergency), and sometimes, for research.

Tayshia's typical day might revolve around explaining transfusions to patients, prepping patients for blood draw, proper labeling of collected samples, and identification verification of each patient. She might help uneasy patients feel more relaxed and treat those reacting to the blood draw or transfusion. It's a multi-faceted blood-based position. The biggest most important role she has is to ensure the patients are taken care of and the blood samples are properly handled so not to contaminate them. Sounds super creepy and cool at the same time, honestly.

As a Corona Del Mar, California resident (aka SoCal), Tayshia's whole life isn't only about blood. That would be weird. In her spare time, she's a regular volunteer at her church and loves a good wine tasting. That's my kind of girl. Her official bio, according to ABC, said she's a former Girl Scout (12 years strong) — probably got a patch in First Aid — and even took a mission trip to Africa. She's basically a saint, if you ask me.

You probably remember Colton from Becca Kufrin's season of The Bachelorette (Season 14). The former NFL player touched Bachelor Nation's collective hearts through his charitable giving, love of dogs, and quiet charm. Oh, and the fact that he's a virgin. He fell hard and fast for Becca but alas, their fate was sealed when Becca sent him home. You'd think that'd be the last you'd see of him, seeing as there were so many Season 23 Bachelor possibilities. Then, as your heart finally recovered, Colton appeared on Bachelor in Paradise for another shot at love. And please don't forget his previous flame — and another reason things couldn't work out with Becca — Tia Booth was also on the sandy beaches looking for love (aka Colton). Yes, it's confusing and no, he didn't find what he was looking for in Mexico.

There's a ton of potential love interests for Colton to choose from this season. Regardless of who he ends up with, Tayshia's got the upper hand if he ever decides to donate blood. It's The Bachelor after all — anything can happen.

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