What Is A Silky Mom?

by Olivia Youngs

Whether you've taken a quiz to determine your "mom type" or have happened upon the multitude of articles circulating with references to "crunchy," "silky," and maybe even "scrunchy" moms, you might be wondering which category you fall into. Although putting labels on everything is probably a bit unnecessary, it can be fun and maybe even informative to identify yourself with a certain "camp" of moms. But what is a silky mom exactly?

If you've been called a "silky mom" and have no idea what that means, don't worry. It's not meant to be an underhanded insult or a compliment about the silky smoothness of your skin. Although the term crunchy mom is the most well known — it usually refers to the "hippie" moms who prefer things all natural — there are just as many moms who make up the "silky mom" category. According to The Snap Mom, a silky mom is referred to as "the modern mom". She abides by the current findings of the experts, keeps her kids up to date on their vaccines, and probably had a (possibly medicated) hospital birth.

She likely sleep trained her children to sleep in cribs, used a mixture of formula and breastfeeding, and probably disposable diapers. In short, she follows the advice of current, established medical authority and feels no shame in using products for their convenience.

If you identify with this parenting style, you might just be a silky mom. But don't be quick to lump yourself into one category (unless you want to go full silky, then by all means, go for it.) No mom is the same and the journey she took to get to where she is now is unique to her. Whether you're crunchy, silky, or a combination of the two (you guessed it, you're a "scrunchy" mom,) moms of all quiz-defined stereotypes should be celebrated and accepted because at the end of the day, they're all doing what we feel is best for themselves and the little humans they're raising.