Anthony Scaramucci posing for a photo in a formal suit

Here's What Anthony Scaramucci Has Been Up To Prior To 'Celebrity Big Brother'

Season 2 of Celebrity Big Brother is pulling out all the stops, including booking one particularly intriguing contestants: Anthony Scaramucci. Since 2018 was a very, very long year, and 2017 seems like a millennium ago, let me refresh your memory: Scaramucci served as Trump’s White House Communications Director for exactly six days back in July 2017. Now, he’s following in the footsteps of another former Trump lackey, Omarosa, and trying out reality TV. But what is Anthony Scaramucci’s job now, and how has it landed him in this position?

On LinkedIn, Scaramucci is still listed as Founder & Co-Managing Partner of SkyBridge Capital, the investment firm founded in 2005. Obviously, this is where the Tufts and Harvard Grad’s money comes from, but is he still working there every day? After all, he apparently had enough vacation time saved up to take a few weeks off to go on a reality show that may or may not embarrass him and the presidential administration in front of the entire country. So, you know, normal stuff. However, on paper, it does look like SkyBridge is still his day job, so to speak.

Like so many others (cough, cough Trump), Scaramucci considers himself an entrepreneur, and has numerous irons in the fire at once. There’s the four books that he’s written over the last decade, the committees he serves on, and a few other media-related ventures he’s been trying out more recently. In 2017, following his Trump White House tenure, he launched the Scaramucci Post, a publication with a Benjamin Franklin quote as the tagline: “The doorstep to the temple of wisdom is a knowledge of our own ignorance.” So make of that what you will.

He has also entered the world of podcasting. In addition to appearing on various news programs to give his opinions and generally just react to whatever Trump has done on any given day, he has shown up as a guest on podcasts like Nevada’s Morning News with Michael Castner and The One Way Ticket Show by Steven Shalowitz. Clearly, he’s a fan of the medium, as Scaramucci has his own podcast, Mooch and the Mrs., with his wife, Deidre.

Clearly, Scaramucci has found a way to take his short stint with the current administration and turn it into quite a career for himself, especially where the media is concerned. And don’t expect his tactics to change now that he’s on TV. Entertainment Weekly interviewed the contestant and Scaramucci said he will be talking about Trump on Celebrity Big Brother. “I’m pretty much an open book,” he said. “So if people ask me questions I’ll answer them very honestly.” But apparently he’s set on maintaining a positive relationship with the current Commander-in-Chief. “Maybe he’ll call and critique me after my Big Brother presence, but you know, we get along. I like the president and there’s no hard feelings about me being fired.” Sounds to me like he could be gunning for yet another shot at the White House, if reality TV fame doesn’t work out for him.