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Arie's Net Worth May Surprise 'Bachelor' Fans

Arie Luyendyk Jr. was recently named the leading man of Season 22 of The Bachelor. Though viewers were introduced to Arie during Season 8 of The Bachelorette, they're sure to be eager to get to know him better now that they're rooting for him to find love. They may know Arie is a former (and sometimes current) race car driver, but is that the kind of career someone can make a life out of? Knowing what Arie's net worth is on The Bachelor could make it easier to determine if his lifelong passion is also footing his bills.

It's a little difficult to figure out without an official confirmation, and the go-to net worth sites diverge slightly on the issue, but the estimate is that Arie's net worth is around $4 to $5 million dollars. TheRichest lists Arie's net worth at $5 million as of 2012. The site owed that number to Arie's career as a race car driver, as well as a broadcaster, commentator, and driver analyst. At the time, he had also participated in Season 9 of Hell's Kitchen. Celebrity Net Worth claims that Arie's number is a little bit lower than that: they estimate that his net worth is closer to $4 million, but attributed that to essentially the same things.

Arie spent most of his adult life pursuing a racing career, with his biggest successes coming from the Indy Lights series, where he finished second, third, and fourth at different times. He won once in 2008. He attempted to qualify for the Indy 500 but didn't quite make it on his first try and finished 28th on his second. His father Arie Luyendyk Sr. was a two-time Indy 500 winner whose net worth is estimated to be around $20 million, so there's clearly a good amount of money floating around in Arie's family.

Racing certainly contributed to Arie's net worth even though he wasn't always a winner. The Indianapolis Motor Speedway site lists his winnings at $196,055, which is nothing to scoff at (though Sam Hornish Jr., who came in first, took home well over a million). When it came to Arie's participation in Indy Lights, he didn't do too badly either. He took part in the series for eight years total and, according to Racing-Reference.info, he had earned $415,550 by the end — though some years he didn't make anything and other years he went home with over $200k.

It doesn't seem like racing is a reliable source of income, so it makes sense that Arie supplements with another job. He currently works as a real estate agent for RE/MAX Excalibur in Arizona, specifically Scottsdale and Phoenix. A private Instagram account for his real estate work states that he specializes in resale residential and has "13 million sold" for 2017. Thirteen million dollars? Thirteen million houses? The latter seems implausible, so I'll stick with the former, but either way it sounds like Arie is doing quite well as a realtor. The commissions he earned definitely gave his net worth a boost.

Arie couldn't count himself among the richest when it comes to men who have stepped into the leading man spot on The Bachelor. That honor goes to Andrew Firestone's $50 million net worth, which was due to the family business Firestone Tires, as well as Prince Lorenzo Borghese, who was also worth $50 million thanks to an inherited cosmetics line and his own business ventures. But Arie is still up there when it comes to net worth and he seems to be doing very well for himself when it comes to racing and real estate. After all, having a few million to your name is nothing to sneeze at.

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