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Bibiana From 'The Bachelor' Has A Fascinating Resume

In a series like The Bachelor, viewers choose their favorites quickly. For me, I'm all about Bibiana so far; she is no-nonsense and wasn't afraid to call out another contestant for their bullsh*t. But I'd love to know more about her, like what is Bibiana's job outside of The Bachelor? She's actually one of the oldest contestants this season at 30-years-old (don't get me started on how that's possible when the Bachelor, Arie, is himself 36), and while she doesn't have a unique job title like an "aspiring dolphin trainer," I do think she's definitely a contestant to watch.

According to her ABC biography, Bibiana is an executive assistant who hails from Miami, Florida. After some internet snooping, I wasn't able to find a LinkedIn page, but I manage to locate Bibiana's Facebook, where it says she worked at Loews Miami Beach Hotel. While Bibiana seems to be living the corporate life now, she wasn't always; in fact, she had a little claim to fame a few years ago. In her ABC bio she says that her highest athletic achievement was being "Rookie of the Year as a Miami Dolphins cheerleader and being co-captain of the team." Indeed, Bibiana was FHM magazine's Rookie of the Year back in 2006.

Bibiana told BusinessWire at the time, "I hope our dedicated fans are happy to have America’s Sexiest Cheerleader on their sidelines." What's interesting is that Bibiana actually hated the sport. "Weird, since I was a cheerleader, but I secretly hated the games," she said in her ABC bio. Bibiana was 19 at the time; it's not known when she traded her cheerleading uniform to be an executive assistant, but it's certain that she has an interesting resume. It just goes along with her personality, of which Chris Harrison also took note. He named Bibiana one of his favorite contestants this Bachelor season in People. "She has a big personality and has her own pithy observations and judgments and she’s not afraid to make those known," he told People. "She has no fears about standing up for herself or to anybody."

Judging by Bibiana's Instagram, even though she probably works at an office now, she's still making time to travel and hit the beach. Her photos make her life look like one endless vacation; I know it's social media, so it's not real, but honestly an endless vacation is what Bibiana deserves. I think Twitter would agree with me, as Bibiana quickly became a fan favorite during last week's episode. She was included in one of Arie's group dates, but she didn't get to spend a lot of time with him alone. She freaked out because she wanted that alone time to get a rose in the future, so she was determined to do so at the cocktail party.

Cut to the cocktail party and, while Bibiana did get a moment with Arie, Krystal — who already had a rose from her one-on-one — cut in. This resulted in an expert-level rant from Bibiana, who couldn't believe Krystal did that seeing as she already had a rose. At first, I was worried this meant that Bibiana was going home because she caused a stir. Thankfully, though, she received the last rose of the ceremony from Arie, so viewers will be able to see her next week (and hopefully in the weeks to come).

I have a feeling producers will milk that drama for all it's worth, which I'm fine with as long as Bibiana stays. Who knows, she may even receive the final rose from Arie, and they could live happily ever after in Miami. I'm sure Arie could move his real estate business there, right?

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