Paul Hebert/ABC

Bryan Is Laying Low After 'The Bachelorette'

In the blink of an eye (and with the help of four hours' worth of The Bachelorette airing in two days), Rachel Lindsay has narrowed down her field of potential suitors to six, meaning hometown dates are literally around the corner. Peter the gap-toothed fitness trainer, Dean the sweet, young gun, and Bryan the chiropractor have all emerged as hometown date material (not to mention husband material and next year's Bachelor material), so fans may be wondering: what is Bryan doing after The Bachelorette?

He really set himself apart on Rachel's season, showing off his tactile chiropractic skills on the first night in a way that actually didn't come across as creepy (frequently the downfall of Bachelor/Bachelorette contestants with a body work practice... like, it's only sexy if it's solicited, you guys). He also managed to snag one of the first kisses of the season, and the chemistry between Bryan and Rachel was immediately apparent. The sparks flying off of them could have set the gazebo on fire. Rachel even called it one of the hottest first kisses of her entire life and it's obvious that their physical chemistry is one of the best connections she has on the show. But fans can't really tell what Bryan is up to in a post-Bachelorette landscape just yet — at least, not from his social media accounts.

Of course, the Bachelorette contestants remain notoriously mum while the season is airing so as not to spoil the show (with the exception of the occasional ill-thought-out Snapchat). But also, Bryan seems like he could be one of the frontrunners to be chosen as next year's Bachelor, if he and Rachel don't wind up engaged at the end of the season. His Instagram hints that he's mostly been spending a lot of time with his family while The Bachelorette airs. The Miami native seems super close with them, especially his cousin's infant son Noah. (Or maybe family babies are just the cutest Instagram fodder.)

There haven't been any recent shots of him at work, but he did Instagram from his own chiropractor's office on The Bachelorette season premiere night, when he was suffering from a 101 degree fever. (Aw, nerves!) It could just be that Bryan is laying low until hype from the show dies down, or he could be lying in wait for wedding planning and/or a run as the Bachelor. Per usual, we'll have to wait until After the Final Rose to know for sure.