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What Is Burke Ramsey's Job? JonBenet's Brother Keeps His Private Life Private


Burke Ramsey was only 9 years old when his younger sister, JonBenét Ramsey, was murdered in their family home. The 1996 unsolved crime took the nation and tabloid headlines by storm and thrust the Ramsey family into the public eye. In September, CBS will air a new docu-series, The Case of: JonBenét Ramsey, bringing the Ramsey family and murder case back into headlines once more. But what is Burke Ramsey up to now, 20 years later? And what is Burke Ramsey's job?

In the trailer for the show airing on Sept. 18, a short clip towards the end of the trailer shows people running onto someone's property and shouting: "Burke! Come on! We want to talk to you." It is unclear exactly whether those people are referring to Burke Ramsey (although it's probably a safe bet to say they were), but regardless, the trailer brings up a good point: Once the docu-series airs, people will be wanting to know more about Burke Ramsey, and the questions will be flying.

But before The Case Of: JonBenét Ramsey airs, Burke will finally speak about his sister on The Dr. Phil Show airing Sept. 12. For the first time in history, Burke will finally have a chance to tell his story in his own words. But until Burke's interview airs, many people will be left in the dark about Burke's private life.

In this day and age, it seems like it is incredibly hard to hide from the internet. But for someone whose family was in the public eye for much of his childhood, like Burke Ramsey, it is no surprise that there isn't much information about the details of Burke's public life on the internet.

A 2006 story from the Boiler Station, a newspaper subsection of The Lafayette Journal and Courier that focused on Purdue University, stated that at the time the article was written, Burke Ramsey was enrolled as a sophomore at Purdue University studying computer technology.

Years later in 2012, Burke's father, John Ramsey, told People Magazine that adult Burke is "pretty quiet" with a job in the "high-tech industry." "He's certainly matured," John said. "He's got a 401(k) plan and an IRA, and he did it all on his own." However in the interview, John did not specify what Burke was doing professionally within that sector.

Outside of the general "tech industry" reference though, it's not surprising that John Ramsey chose to withhold more personal details about where Burke works — John is after all, the same person who shielded his son from tabloid headlines when the case first made waves. In a 2008 interview with The Daily Beast, John told the website that he and wife Patsy tried to protect Burke as much as possible:

We worried. We didn't know who was out there. Someone had killed our daughter. All we wanted to do was protect him and give him a normal childhood. I don't let anybody I don't know get near him. If anything happened to him, I wouldn't survive it.

John really did do a great job at protecting Burke — but Burke will finally have the chance to tell his own story about his life when the Dr. Phil special airs next month.