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Catherine Could Win Colton's Heart On 'The Bachelor' Season 23

The three-hour premiere of The Bachelor Season 23 should give Colton Underwood plenty of time to become better acquainted with the women he's going to be dating for the next few weeks. One of those contestants might end up engaged to Colton by the finale, but right now they're all still strangers. Luckily, social media can help viewers get to know them better. Catherine Agro will be one of the competitors, but what is Catherine's Instagram? Can it offer viewers any insight into her personality?

Catherine's official bio for ABC states that she's a 26-year-old DJ from Ft. Lauderdale, FL. But that's only one of her jobs: she's a commercial real estate agent by day, but come nightfall she vanishes into her batcave and emerges as DJ Agro. She has a beloved dog named Lucy who accompanies her to the Bachelor mansion to meet Colton for the first time, a moment that was captured for the promo pictures. While Lucy doesn't dominate Catherine's Instagram account, @missagro_, she did pop up in a Christmas photo besides Santa.

Catherine's bio shared a few fun facts, too: she's a big Dr. Seuss fan, as well as a pescatarian (so One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish must be her favorite book). And she doesn't have tattoos because, naturally, "you don't put a bumper sticker on a Ferrari." Cool.

On the 'gram, Catherine states that she's a UF alum (presumably the University of Florida), as well as a twin and a libra. She also lists all of her various careers, including real estate agent, "cannabis consultant," and producer/DJ. She provides a link to the website Jade Green, where a blurb describes the company as an "elite professional advisory firm focused on international cannabis business initiatives."

Catherine works for the company in business development and her bio on their site gives a little more information on her background. She got dual degrees in Communications and Business Marketing before going on to study International Business at RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia. She worked in commercial real estate sales in Florida for four years, which gave her the skills to excel with Jade Green.

But the emphasis of Catherine's Instagram isn't business ventures so much as it is beach photos. In 2018, she documented a trip to Burning Man, posed beside Lake Tahoe, and took snapshots with her family. She shared some inspirational words alongside one photo of herself, explaining that she wasn't perfect and that being vulnerable takes courage. "It is ok to not be ok," Catherine wrote. "Do not compare yourself to others. Just try to be better than the person you were yesterday. Be kind to everyone, including yourself."

According to Life & Style Mag, host Chris Harrison insinuated that Catherine would be the villain of The Bachelor Season 23. He insisted he wasn't putting that title on her specifically, but cautioned viewers to judge for themselves and "keep your eyes out." Catherine might get the villain edit in this year, but her social media doesn't indicate anything nefarious.

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