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What Is Chad's Net Worth On 'The Bachelorette'? He Deals In Luxury

Lord Chadlemort. Darth Chader. Only two episodes in, and the true villian of Season 12 of The Bachelorette is upon us. I knew Chad was trouble from the moment I read his introductory bio and saw he'd quoted Matthew McConaughey on three separate occasions, as well as claiming his greatest achievement to date was being born good-looking. Though it might be his greatest, that is not his only achievement (provided one thinks it's an achievement at all); Chad also has a job, and that job provides him with funds. What is Chad Johnson's net worth?

Chad's net worth is listed online as being around $800k, thanks to his career as a luxury real estate agent in his hometown of Tulsa, Oklahoma. Prior to getting his real estate license, Chad was a marine. His Realtor.com profile (which is sadly lacking in reviews) asserts that he has been an "entrepreneur since age 13, allowing him to hone his sales and negotiation skills to levels that of agents twice his age." Quite a claim, Chad. The profile, presumably penned by Chad himself, goes on to list his past careers as an "auto dealer, day trader, and website flipper."

The brokerage firm Chad is associated with on his profile is Chinowith & Cohen Realtors in Tulsa, and his profile there gives a little more information on Chad. It reaffirms that he moved from car sales to real estate, which is something of a family career because his parents were real estate investors. There are also some prime Chad soundbites to be found: "My understanding of the free market combined with online marketing experience is an unmatched combination."

Luxury real estate agents may make more on single sales than other agents, but their job can also be riskier. They may make a larger commission, but they're also working on fewer sales, so if one falls through it can result in a big loss of potential earnings. In the book Selling Luxury Homes by Jack Cotton, written in 2010, Cotton says that "many agents make $500,000 a year selling real estate, few have made $500,000 on one transaction." While one would have to be better versed in the Tulsa real estate game than I am to know the going rates for selling mansions there, it seems likely Chad is making some decent money – much more than he did selling cars.

Though real estate can be lucrative it can also be unreliable, which is perhaps why Chad has filled out his resume with being a day trader and "website flipper." Day trading can be profitable depending on different factors (working for a company vs. working for yourself; how much capital you start off with) but it doesn't seem like Chad is doing that anymore, so it's uncertain how much it adds to his bank account. The art of website flipping seems to involve hoarding domains and refurbishing them before selling them off – but it looks like Chad likes doing it just to mess with his The Bachelorette competitors.

Chad may not make the best impression but it seems like he's making some serious paper.