WTF Is Chadwick's Sign? Moms-To-Be, We Warned You

It's no secret that pregnancy takes a toll on a woman's body. The process of growing a human is akin to running a marathon every single day. There are the obvious external changes, as well as internal developments you can't see. Some of them are quite lovely, while others are downright bizarre and even alarming. One particular place that goes through a number of transformations is your vagina. In early pregnancy many women get Chadwick's sign, which causes things to look different down there. So what is Chadwick's sign? Get ready to grab your mirror ladies.

Chadwick's sign is a symptom of early pregnancy that turns your vagina bluish purple, according to Web MD. Isn't pregnancy such a blast? The pigmentation usually occurs around the fourth week of pregnancy and is caused by an increase of blood flow to that area thanks to good old estrogen, as explained on What To Expect. Chadwick's sign usually goes away at some point during the pregnancy or soon after delivery.

Chadwick's sign is nothing to be alarmed about, even if you think it looks slightly odd. It's basically a sign that your pregnancy is progressing and your hormones are doing their job. If you feel self conscious about it during sex you can always talk to your partner about it first so that everyone is on the same page. It's really no big deal and as long as your pregnancy is healthy all around, having sex with Chadwick's sign is totally OK.

For some women, discovering their vagina area is blue as a result of Chadwick's sign is their first indicator that they're pregnant. If you're not sure you're pregnant and you're experiencing other symptoms in addition to a violet looking vagina like: sore breasts, extreme fatigue, missed period, etc. it may be time to take a pregnancy test or call your doctor.