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Connor S. May Be Young But He's Got A Big Career Outside 'The Bachelorette'

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Some of the job titles throughout Bachelor Nation history are real head-scratchers. There have been titles such as "Shark," which was literally just a contestant in a shark costume. There was a "Free Spirit," which I'm sure isn't a paying gig. And finally, who can forget the impressive career of being a "Twin?" They're entertaining, but not actual jobs. So, what is Connor S.'s job? The Bachelorette contestant didn't arrive in costume. I'll tell you this: it's a real, paying career.

Connor's official, mega-impressive job title is "Investment Analyst," according to his ABC bio. If you're not sure what that means, I didn't either. After some digging, I found the most basic definition for all of you who, like me, aren't up to date with your career title news. The website, Target Jobs, said an Investment Analyst, "provide stockbrokers, fund managers and stock market traders with financial information, advice and recommendations derived from global investment data." If it sounds a little fancy, that's because it totally is. Connor works with banks and investment firms for a living, so you know he's good with money. According to his LinkediI page, his most recent position was with Goldman Sachs as a Special Situations Group Analyst. It looks like he left that job in February — right before he appeared at the Bachelor mansion to tape the show.

Goldman Sachs aside, Connor's had a string of cool-sounding jobs at some of the big banks and corporations. From Private Equity Intern to Summer Analyst, this Southern Methodist University School of Business grad was even part of the SMU Investments Board — probably on the days he didn't have a competitive swim meet. It seems as though the Con Man (accidental bad nickname) is an overachiever, much like your girl, "Alabama Hannah." He also makes time to run marathons, and volunteers at Readers 2 Leaders, Shades of Pink Foundation, The Bottomless Toy Chest, and Forgotten Harvest. It's no wonder he hasn't had the time to find love.

At only 24 years old, Connor has all the ingredients to win Hannah's heart. He likes to travel, considers himself a "true gentleman," and wants to find someone to start a family with, because, "family is the most important thing to him." Plus, he was one of the first five to meet Hannah during the live Bachelor finale, After the Final Rose. He stands at a daunting 6"6, and hopped a fence on premiere night (channeling Colton vibes that I'd rather forget), so it's unlikely Hannah will forget this one, in a good way. Whether you've been team Hannah all along, or are just warming up to her, Hannah owns her awkwardness with the guys and honestly, it's refreshing. Letting go of the whole beauty pageant vibe, and trying to be perfect and rehearsed, won't get anyone anywhere when it comes to love. Good thing she learned the hard way with Colton when he threw out the rules and did it his way. Sure, it's hard to open up and be vulnerable, and yeah — maybe you'll get sent home anyway. The point is, her message is to be yourself; the good, the bad, and the messy. I'm down with that, and I think Connor is, too.

I'm not sure if it makes you more or less of a Connor fan knowing he's a boss Investment Analyst, but for me — doesn't hurt.

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