Danielle Busby Is A Busy Mom & Business Owner

Everyone knows that the stars of OutDaughtered, Danielle and Adam Busby, met while both working at Target. But now that she's the proud mother of America's only all-female quintuplets, what is Danielle Busby's job? Being the mom to the quintuplets, in addition to Blayke, their eldest daughter, is pretty much a full time job. But Danielle also works as an independent beauty consultant, according to her official TLC bio. It's been a long road for the mom of six little girls, and a busy one at that.

Right after she and Adam were married, they both worked in petrochemicals in Houston, with Adam working in communications and sales and Danielle working as a training manager. According to an interview Busby did with Style Blueprint, she and Adam are also opening an indoor cycling studio with another couple who are also established in the business world. Busby added that she hopes the studio will help her get "back into the groove of things", adding:

I’m excited to be getting involved in the fitness industry because it’s a passion of ours. We’re going into it with two other couples, who are great business people but also great friends of ours.

Busby added, "I look at nothing but greatness because failure is not an option."

Busby isn't going to be leading classes or anything, she's just part of the brains behind the whole thing. The studio had its grand opening party earlier this month. With Season 3 of OutDaughtered premiering this week, it's going to be a busy, busy summer for the Busbys.

As viewers of the show know, Danielle gets some help from her family (and Adam) when it comes to keeping track of all her daughters, but it's still not easy. Danielle recently told People that the 2-year-olds are starting to show their individual personalities — like the "notorious" Riley. Busby said:

Riley is notorious for spilling her milk on purpose — she does it all the time. The girls are at that age where they’re really testing boundaries, so we’ve starting doing time-out for when they’re bad.

As fans will see in the premiere, the babies aren't totally digging the time-out scenario, but it's necessary. “The babies are at that age where monkey see, monkey do. When one does, they all do! So trying to teach them a lesson, as always, backfired," Busby said.

With five little ones, 6-year-old Blayke, and a new business opening up, Danielle Busby has a lot going on at the moment. Like all moms, of course, all the work will get done at the end of the day.