Dustin's New Friend Could Be Dangerous On 'Stranger Things'

When it comes to Stranger Things, you should expect to see... strange things. However, Season 2 seems to be just a bit stranger than the first season. Besides the huge monster in the sky that Will is contending with, Dustin also discovered a little critter in his trash can. So what is Dart on Stranger Things? Warning: spoilers for Episode 4 ahead!

Dustin, being the cute little nerd that he is, immediately went to the library to get some books on reptiles to attempt to figure out what Dart really is, however, he came to the conclusion that he doesn't really know. At first, he thought Dart might be a pollywog or a reptile, but unlike other reptiles, Dart actually hates the heat. He does love chocolate nougat though, but that doesn't really explain what he is. Will, however, had an idea.

At the end of Season 1, Will got sick in the bathroom and threw up a slug-like creature that slithered its way down the sink. Will believed that creature became Dart, but it gets worse. The sounds Will has been hearing every time he's taken to the Upside Down, is the same kind of sounds Dart makes. So what does that mean? Well, Mike thought it was clear that Dart came from the Upside Down, however, Dustin didn't totally agree.

Things got very complicated, though, when they let the creature out in A.V. Club and it sprouted new limbs and made a run for it. This just about proved that Dart is not of this world, as no creature on Earth morphs like that. (At least, not that I'm aware of, anyway.) Still, Dustin didn't want his friends to hurt Dart, so when he found him in the bathroom, he hid Dart under his hat and brought him home to keep safe.

However, after Will had another "episode," in which he was taken to the Upside Down, Mike made it clear that they had to find Dart, because Dart could possibly hold the answer to what was wrong with Will. Feeling guilty, Dustin went home, seemingly ready to reveal that he had Dart all along. Dustin didn't get the chance to do that though.

Growing at an incredibly alarming rate, Dart had broken out of his cage and it immediately became evident that he was no longer interested in eating chocolate. Instead, Dustin found Dart in his closet, eating the family cat, Mew. Also, when Dart turned around, his face kind of opened up and he looked like a miniature version of the Demogorgon. So is Dart the Demogorgon reincarnated or the Demogorgon's child or something else entirely? It's hard to say for sure.

One thing's for certain — Dustin should get rid of Dart as soon as possible. At the fast rate that Dart is growing, he'll soon be big enough to eat Dustin and his friends, and Dart is obviously more of a carnivore than an omnivore. Whether Dustin wants to admit it or not, his friends were clearly right and Dart is not the kind of pet you should keep in the house. He's not even the kind of creature you should have as a pet at all.

Hopefully, Dustin, along with his friends, will be able to figure out a way to get rid of Dart before it's too late. With all the other things they have to deal with right now, specifically the vines that Hopper has now found snaking their way through an underground tunnel in Hawkins, the last thing this town needs is another Demogorgon killing people. Though it may be difficult for Dustin to let go of his newfound friend, it's definitely something he's going to have to do to keep the people he loves safe.

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