Bill Inoshita/CBS

What Is Da'Vonne Rogers' Job Outside 'Big Brother'? It May Help Her In The Game

Whether you love her or hate her, you have to admit Da'Vonne definitely brings the entertainment to Big Brother. Her dairy room videos are hilarious and seem to always open and close each episode, probably because Da'Vonne always has something to say about someone. With such an outgoing personality it's a wonder what Da'Vonne Rodger's job is outside of Big Brother. Besides being an awesome mom Da'Vonne is also poker dealer. It would've been interesting to see Da'Vonne stick around longer in Big Brother 17 and play some poker with Vanessa Rousso, who's a professional poker player. Alas, that couldn't be.

Da'Vonne has always been a fan of Big Brother, and in her bio for Season 17 she admitted she would watch the show with her grandmother and study the competition as a poker dealer would. Da'Vonne planned on using her skills to read people to help her in the game but remembered that the only person she can really trust in the house is herself. It appears this holds true this week because although others volunteered themselves to go up in her place, Da'Vonne has been put on the block.

After Paulie used the power of veto to take himself off the block, Paul put up Da'Vonne as the replacement. Although he continues to tell Da'Vonne that she's just a pawn, it's clear that she's become the target this week and for now it looks like she'll be evicted, unless she can somehow flip the house. It seems only Michelle and Zakiyah are on Da'Vonne's side and that won't be enough to save her this week. Using her skills from poker, Da'Vonne is very perceptive and she knows something is going on in the house even though Paul won't tell her the truth. Hopefully she'll be able to persuade some votes to her side.

If not, Da'Vonne's only hope is that she has a roundtrip ticket in her envelope. With a roundtrip ticket she'll return immediately back to the house and that would definitely stir up some trouble, especially for those that backdoored her. We'll just have to wait until Thursday night to see whether or not Da'Vonne will somehow be saved.