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This 'Bachelor' Contestant's Instagram Is *So* On Brand

The countdown to Season 23 of The Bachelor has almost come to an end. With 30 women vying for former NFL player Colton Underwood's heart, it's about to get dramatic up in here. If, like me, you're dying to know more about some of the contestants, like Texan Demi, you're probably scrambling to find all the info you can so you can better choose who will get a rose and who won't make it past the first introductions. So, what is Demi's Instagram? Let me save you some internet search time. The Bachelor contestant will make you want to up your selfie game to a whole new level.

The 23-year-old interior designer from Red Oak Texas has a serious thing for the selfie. In fact, on her Instagram account — @demi_not_lovato — you'll find a plethora of them. Her Insta bio reads, "you can't spell DIME without DEMI," and her page reflects that exact mantra. When she's not practicing the art of the selfie, there are plenty of staged poses that showcase her fashion and flawless makeup profiles, as well as a few shots of her with friends and animals. By the looks of it, her 7,498 followers love what she puts out. Her first official photo made its way onto the scene July 25, 2016 which means she still has a lot more to share at some point (probably once The Bachelor airs).

As a rural Texas country girl who knows how to operate a stick shift, Demi's official ABC bio states she has a love for ATVing, fishing, and watching WWE. In terms of random facts about Demi, she loves the color yellow, would lunch with the Game of Thrones character, Jon Snow (her Insta bio also reads "The North remembers" which is a shoutout to the show), and dreams of becoming the first petite Victoria's Secret Angel — with an entourage known as the "Demi Angels." Sounds alike a solid bucket list, TBH.

Quirky questionnaire answers aside, Demi might be one to keep your eye on this season and not for the reasons you might think. Though her 'Gram' account was previously set to private, it's likely in her contract she become a public figure to get people interested in the show. And it's kinda working?

In browsing through Demi's Instagram feed, it's clear the girl's got a knack for being photogenic.

If you're still with me, thank you. But, you're missing out on time you could be peeping Demi's photo feed. It is officially the moment to get all the deets on all 30 contestants before casting your vote for who'll receive Colton's final rose. Maybe it's Demi, maybe not. Either way — study up, buttercups.

Season 23 of The Bachelor premieres on Monday, Jan. 7 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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