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Denise Richards' Husband Is All About Their Relationship On Instagram

Denise Richards started off her first season on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills with a major event: her sudden marriage to boyfriend Aaron Phypers. Aaron has been a consistent background presence on the show this year, which may have led viewers to be more curious about him. Knowing what Denise Richards' husband's Instagram is gives fans some insight into who Aaron is when the cameras aren't rolling.

Aaron is something of a cipher on RHOBH, but his Instagram accounts are much more straightforward. That's right: he has two. Aaron has his personal account @aaronwilliamcameron and another one for his professional endeavors. Viewers got a hint of his job on the show, but Denise has yet to be able to summarize it in an comprehensible fashion. He does something with...frequencies? They met at his job, but despite being a regular attendee of whatever it is Aaron does, Denise didn't really know how to put it into words.

Aaron actually runs the Q 360 Club, which appears to be a center for holistic healing that uses some unconventional methods to make its clients feel their best. According to their website, they use "sound therapy, light therapy, and the hidden properties of water," to, uh, "rejuvenate DNA function." The Q 360 Instagram account can keep you up to date on everything the club does.

The first post on the Q360 Instagram is a familiar face: it's a repost from Denise herself, studying lines for The Bold and the Beautiful while enjoying a treatment. That treatment involves words I cannot put together in a way that makes them sound like a sentence: she is on something called a Bemer (which honestly just looks like a big comfy chair) and drinking photon mist fulvic minerals. Okay! Other services are displayed on the official 'gram as well, including a "hydrogen cloud" that allows a person to "soak in full spectrum minerals." Sounds good!

You can catch Q 360 events once they're posted on Instagram, as well as some cute dog pictures. But Aaron's personal account is much more straightforward. He shares pictures of things he loves, like his car, and important moments in his life. He provides some behind the scenes pics of how that hydrogen cloud situation looked while it was being built. He also posts countless pictures of Denise, whether they're glamour shots of her in full makeup or admiring snaps of her on the floral carpet promoting RHOBH. He is very free with hashtags.

After getting together with Denise, Aaron's Instagram definitely took a turn for the romantic. You can barely scroll without hitting another joint selfie of them smiling brightly at the camera. But interspersed between those couple photos are glimpses of the rest of Aaron's life: spending time with family, appreciating the cuteness of dogs, and keeping up on work. Whatever that work is.

Real Househusbands often distinguish themselves by getting as embroiled in the drama as their wives, but that doesn't seem to be Aaron's deal. If Season 9 of RHOBH was any indication, he'll just be on hand to explain numerology while ordering lunch.