This Sex Position Is Perfect For Pregnant Women

Many people have a favorite sex position. Maybe it's the one that makes you feel closer to your partner, or maybe it's the one that makes you shudder with orgasmic pleasure. For many people, doggy style is the ultimate position for it's ease and intensity. But the best part about this position is that there are a few variations, including doggy pillow. So what is doggy pillow and how do you do it? It's basically a more titillating and comfortable version of regular doggy style.

To be honest, doggy style is great but it's hard to stay in the position for a long time. "A lot of women complain that they get sore knees, or that it hurts their back or their neck," Ava Cadell, author of Neurolovology told Women's Health. Additionally, if a woman is pregnant, doggy style may require some sort of assistance and extra stability for the stomach or back. This is where a pillow comes in handy.

"Using a sex pillow during doggy sex helps to prop yourself up and adds extra support," Stacy Rybchin, founder and CEO of My Secret Soiree and My Secret Luxury, tells Romper. "They also give your partner an amazing angle to penetrate you from behind." Basically, this isn't your typical doggy style — it's the amped up version.

Technically you could use a pillow that you have lying around the house, but those who are in-the-know about sex swear by designated sex pillows. You can buy them at any sex toy retailer or online. Rybchin says her favorite is the Liberator Jaz Motion sex pillow ($75). The key features that make this particular pillow – and others like — it so incredible, is the wedge that provides lift and comfort to both partners.

There are a few different ways to use a regular pillow or a designated sex pillow for doggy pillow. The most popular way seems to be for a woman to lay partly face down, with knees bent, and hips at a slight up angle. The woman can then tilt her body so that her upper abdomen or hip is resting on the pillow. Then her partner can enter her from behind and give that deeper penetration. As mentioned above, this can work for pregnant women because their belly will be off to the side and their torso will have more support. If you're not pregnant, a sex pillow in the doggy style position can be used many ways including directly under the bum, mostly flat back, and feet up.

If doggy style is already working for you, then by all means keep working it. But if you're looking for your favorite behind position to be kicked up a notch, doggy pillow position delivers that pleasure.