Craig Sjodin/ABC

Eric Is Staying Motivated After 'The Bachelorette'

by Megan Walsh

Eric Bigger is one of six men still in the competition for Rachel Lindsay's heart. It's not clear yet who will receive the final rose, but Eric has as good a chance as anyone. Though he had his doubts about the show (and Rachel) at first, he did make a good first impression when he stepped out of the limo. Then a date in Denmark seemed to solidify things between them. But now that filming is finished, what is Eric up to? Could his social media provide any hints about how far he made it in the competition? What is Eric doing now after The Bachelorette?

Eric is a 29-year-old personal trainer and motivational speaker who lives in L.A., though he's originally from Baltimore. His Instagram shows that he's enjoying spending time with his co-stars (even Lucas the Whaaabooom Guy, who was less popular during days at the mansion) and sharing plenty of inspirational words, which makes sense. Eric seems to be a pretty positive and happy guy, but it's hard to tell if that's a hint that things went well for him and Rachel. It could just be his personality. Either way, it seems like all those exercise endorphins and motivational phrases are working for him.

When Eric isn't going on hiking excursions with his Bachelorette bros, it seems like he's following his two passions: fitness and making a difference. In addition to the posts about working out, Eric has joined some Boot Camp challenges and participated in a talk held at the City of Refuge Church. He's a big fan of posting inspirational quotes. And he's selling T-shirts and hats with "Team Eric" on them, as well as his apparent catchphrase, "It's miracle season." Eric definitely knows how to stay on brand.

The fact that Eric is so zen on social media makes it slightly more difficult to determine the outcome of his time on The Bachelorette. His Twitter is similarly full of encouraging words and positivity. It's possible that a brand new engagement is keeping him so motivated, but it's just as plausible that he merely took his elimination in stride. He had some trouble adjusting to life in the Bachelor mansion, but now that filming is over he might have left all the drama behind.

It may be too soon to tell what Eric's fate on The Bachelorette will be, but whatever happened, he seems to be handling it well.