Fans Want To Know More About Jasmine From 'Married At First Sight'

by Mishal Ali Zafar

Jasmine and Will seem to be one of the strongest couples on Season 8 of Lifetime’s Married At First Sight. Both are successful, family-oriented professionals that were looking to move into the next chapter of their lives, and upon seeing each other for the first time, they happily said “I do.” If you’re looking for updates on the couple, specifically Jasmine, you might be wondering, what is Jasmine’s Instagram outside of Married At First Sight?

Unfortunately, Jasmine doesn't seem to have an Instagram account, so it may be difficult for fans to get updates on her outside of the show. However, she did recently speak to Popculture.com, and she told the outlet that she and Will were happy and doing well. "Our journey has been great,” she said. “It's very time consuming, I feel overwhelmed at times trying to balance work, school and filming, but I learned a lot about myself and how strong I am."

When talking to Newsweek earlier this month, Jasmine revealed that while the couple faced some difficulty integrating their lives and perspectives together, they have managed to make it work. “Will and I are very comfortable with our independent lives. It has definitely been a challenge to merge our lives, especially with us owning homes on two very opposite sides of the city,” she told the outlet. “Also our social lives are affected. I enjoy spending time with my girls during the week and weekends, Will does the same with his group of friends ...we have to alter our schedules to make sure we are making time for each other.”

Since the beginning of the season, Jasmine and Will have talked about their shared goals — to get married and start a family — but there were a few fundamental details the couple disagreed on. One of their biggest arguments was based around their view of gender roles. On the Jan. 15 episode, Jasmine said she believed Will should pick up the bulk of the expenses because as a man, he should be the provider. “Even though I’m a strong independent woman, a man is supposed to be the head of the household,” Jasmine said during the episode. “50/50 is not going to happen. A man is supposed to be the protector of the house. He’s supposed to be the provider.”

Meanwhile, Will believed that things should be equal, and that he didn’t expect Jasmine to cook and clean for him everyday. “I’m worried me and Jasmine have fundamental differences,” he said on the episode. “This is not what I signed up for.” However, the two managed to work things out and when talking to Pastor Cal, they said they came to an agreement that Will would foot 60 percent of the household expenses, while Jasmine would cover the remaining 40 percent.

But while the two have worked out their financial relationship dynamics, they still are working on the sexual part. They told Pastor Cal that they have not yet had sex because Will is trying to take things slow, and Pastor Cal is worried that could land them in the friend zone. Luckily, the two revealed that they are attracted to one another and do share sexual chemistry, so it may be a matter of time before they seal the deal.

Hopefully, as time goes on, things will get better for Jasmine and Will on Married At First Sight. They may not share the exact same perspectives, but they do share the same goals, and that has fans rooting for a happy ending.

New episodes of Married At First Sight air on Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET on Lifetime.