Jasmine From 'Married At First Sight' Balances Work With Filming

Not long after their wedding on Season 8 of Married at First Sight, Jasmine and Will discovered that there were some fundamental differences in how they viewed marriage. Will believed in splitting everything 50/50. Jasmine preferred more traditional gender roles, with the wife cooking and cleaning while the husband paid the bills. Will was surprised by this because she's an independent working woman. But what is Jasmine's job?

Jasmine hasn't shared what her job is in any interviews and it's not listed in her official Lifetime bio. Though her bio stresses that she's self-sufficient and financially set, with a "big work promotion on the horizon," the details are kept vague. Jasmine doesn't seem to have social media accounts either, which means it's difficult to peruse Twitter or Instagram for references to her workplace.

However, there is a LinkedIn profile that appears to belong to Jasmine. It shares her name and Philadelphia hometown, plus the photo does look like her. If this is indeed Jasmine's LinkedIn, then she is the Assistant Director of Adult Community Residential Programs at Melmark. According to their website, Melmark is an agency that provides services to "children and adults with autism, intellectual disabilities, brain injuries and other neurological and genetic diagnoses."

They supply residential services (which seems to be Jasmine's department), as well as educational and therapeutic services. Their website states that their "varied programs promote independence, increased self-awareness and confidence while offering participant opportunities to make friends and develop personal interests."

On LinkedIn, it says that Jasmine oversees residential homes for adults with intellectual disabilities. She hires, trains, and supervises managers for those homes, too. Melmark reportedly offers homes in communities and on-campus, providing care of various levels depending on what is needed by their residents.

Jasmine has been at Melmark for three years, and before that she had several jobs in a similar field. She worked as a program manager at Resources for Human Development and as a residential program specialist for CADES (Children and Adult Disability and Education Services). She also has both her Bachelor of Science and her Master's Degree in Human Services Administration from Lincoln University.


But it doesn't sound like Jasmine is finished with advancing at work and in school. Though she didn't delve too much into the difficulties she's faced dealing with her various responsibilities, she did allude to continuing with school while chatting with PopCulture.com. She told them that she felt well-matched with Will, but was "overwhelmed at times trying to balance work, school and filming."

Jasmine doesn't seem to discuss the particulars of her workplace very often, or the degrees she might earn in the future. But if LinkedIn is to be believed, then she does have the steady job she mentioned on Married at First Sight. As her bio made clear, Jasmine felt that she had most of her life figured out: work was good, plus she had friends and family she could count on. The only thing missing was marriage. Now that she's found Will, all of the pieces might have fallen into place for Jasmine. As long as they can deal with any problems that arise, of course.