Craig Sjodin/ABC

Fans Want To Know More About Jason From 'The Bachelorette'

by Anna Rose Iovine

This season of The Bachelorette is moving pretty fast. At only Week 6 Becca down to a single-digit number of contestants, including sleeper candidate Jason. So does Jason steal Becca's heart in the end? What is Jason doing after The Bachelorette? He hasn't had a lot of screen time, but I think he may pull ahead.

According to his ABC biography, Jason is 29 years old and comes from Buffalo, New York. He's got a fairly typical Bachelorette contender finance job — a corporate banker. The bio describes Jason as "a successful banker with a heart of gold." That is refreshing because all I think of when I see "banker" is The Wolf of Wall Street. "When Jason's not rooting for his hometown Buffalo Bills, he's belting out tunes from his favorite Disney movies," the bio continues. "He's hoping to sing his way into the Bachelorette's heart."

Jason's LinkedIn page says he's currently the Vice President, Senior Middle Market Banker at Key Corporate and Commercial Bank. He's currently based in Seattle, but received his MBA in accounting and finance from the University of Rochester in 2016. It may not be the most exciting career, but at least he hasn't subjected Becca to talking about it nonstop à la Jordan and his modeling.

From his Instagram account, Jason appears to be enjoying post-Bachelorette life. His photos show the young banker golfing, partying with co-workers, celebrating holidays with family, and more typical activities from a dude in his late 20s. The fact that he seems so dedicated to his family is definitely at least one point in his favor. Becca has also made it clear on the show how important her family is to her, and how much she wants to find someone to start her own family with.

As far as Jason's location at this very moment goes, in a recent Instagram post Jason said that he had been home with his family in Buffalo, New York the past weekend. In the caption he wrote, "Family & friends are the foundation of life & there’s no substitute for those relationships." Could this be a coded message about Becca? Could this mean that he's nursing a broken heart? Or perhaps it simply means that Jason appreciates the people closest to him in his life. Only time will really tell.

As far as on the show goes, it doesn't look like (at least right now) that Jason is an obvious frontrunner for Becca's heart. During an early episode of the show, Becca actually forgot Jason's name. I feel for this, as I have definitely forgot people's names after I've met them — and in my case, I didn't meet 28 men all wearing the same suit. Jason handled it with grace, though, and he did manage to make it to the Park City, Las Vegas, and Richmond trips.

Bachelor and Bachelorette scholars will also remember that sometimes an unexpected candidate makes it to the very end. Lauren from Arie's season didn't get much screen time until the last few weeks, after all. So maybe Jason is off somewhere licking his wounds, or maybe he and Becca are busy planning their honeymoon. Basically, what I'm saying is that it's not possible to say what the future looks like for Jason yet, since he's keeping pretty mum about his current locale.

Whether Becca is right alongside him (wherever he may be) has yet to be seen. But if she's not, never fear Jason fans, there's always a chance that he'll be taking a trip to Mexico to find love on Bachelor in Paradise. At least, I certainly hope that he is.