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There's Always A Guy With A Guitar On 'The Bachelorette'

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Of all the guys on Hannah B.'s season of The Bachelorette there are a few standouts who've already caught Hannah's, and Bachelor Nation's, collective eye. One of which, Jed, was instantly memorable as the southern gentleman with the guitar. The Tennessee native may or may not be there for the "right reasons" but for now Hannah seems all in. If you're looking for a behind-the-scenes glimpse, and want to know what Jed's Instagram is, you'll have to get the answers elsewhere.

It's not the answer you're looking for, but Jed's Insta page is set to private. I know — huge bummer, especially when his bio teases, "Making music and pancakes." Like, what kind of pancakes, Jed? Chocolate chip? Buttermilk? There are other ways to see what this dude's life is about outside of the Bachelor mansion, including the Jed Facebook page, which happens to include a couple Instagram photos of Jed and some buddies. But the best place for answers might be Jed's website, which is also somewhat threadbare, aside from promoting his music. As seen on the premiere, he's a definite Jack Johnson type of singer/songwriter with a new single, "Vacation," on Spotify. So call me a skeptic but I'm still not sure if he's there to find love or find followers.

As a man whose ABC bio claims he "can rap Nicki Minaj's part in ‘Bottoms Up’ flawlessly," and can also shoot a rubber band with "freakish accuracy," Jed is at least memorable. And in the premiere episode Hannah said she had a crush on him. That's kind of huge, right? There are a lot of guys with the potential to be Mr. Hannah Beast so fans will just have to wait and find out how Jed does in comparison with all the other guys. In my personal experience though, coming armed with a guitar does tend to give you a leg up.

As for what else fans can learn about Jed in the absence of an Instagram feed all I can find are a few tantalizing tidbits. He is apparently also a model represented by The Block Agency and a member of Music City Male Revue. I know. But what does any of this really say about the guy behind the square jaw and rock-hard abs? I'm hoping that Hannah gets a chance to dig deep into what makes Jed, Jed and fans can all judge from the sidelines whether he's worth a shot or not.

For the moment, a big thing Jed has going for him was that he eschewed an awkward, gimmicky entrance in favor of an intimate private serenade later in the night (and he even managed to work in a "roll tide"). Already that puts him ahead of the pack.

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OK, so Jed's Instagram doesn't reveal any major spoilers — or maybe it does, and that's why it's private — but you'll see all you need to as the show goes on. That's how The Bachelorette works (for drama's sake). If I know Hannah, and I really don't, I'd like to think she'd call anyone out who she feels isn't there for the right reasons, no matter how swoony he is with a guitar. I mean, she sent tractor Matt home and his song, "Old Matt Donald," is 2019's biggest hit yet.

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