Jessa Duggar’s Faith Contributes To Her Parenting

While her last name may have changed, Jessa Seewald (Duggar) is still very much the same happy, kind, loving young woman she has always been. Of course now she's married, and has two young boys, but she still remains dedicated to her faith and religion. While 19 Kids and Counting has been off the air for two years now, the show's follow-up, Counting On is still going strong, and follows the lives of the Duggar children as they navigate life inside and outside their large family. And now, as Jessa has given birth to her second son, viewers are wondering, what is Jessa Duggar's faith? And does it play a role in her parenting?

As on 19 Kids and Counting, and Counting On, the Duggars are all Christians, although they follow a stricter, more fundamentalist version of the age-old faith. And while the family has been through so much already, it's their faith that has remained the same through it all and kept them afloat when times got rough.

As Jessa and her husband Ben are now parents to two children, Spurgeon Elliot Seewald and Henry Wilberforce Seewald, Jessa is now using her Christianity as her guiding light for raising her kids.

On Feb. 6, 2017, Jessa gave birth to her second son, Henry Wilberforce, an interesting name, true, but the story behind it might make you smile. According to the Seewalds, who spoke about the choice in a recent TLC behind the scenes video, "William Wilberforce was a British politician in the 1700s, and he was very instrumental and involved in abolishing the slave trade in the British empire." The two explained that Wilberforce's relationship with Christ is something they both admire and that it's a large reason they decided on the name for their baby boy. But choosing her kids' names based on religious influences isn't the only way Jessa is inspired by her faith.

Viewers who have watched either one of the Duggar's reality shows are well aware of the rules that the family enforces on their children, such as not being allowed on a date with someone of the opposite sex without a chaperone, and dressing very modestly. While these rules aren't common tenants of Christianity across all sects, there are a large part of the Duggar's lives; Even though Jessa is an adult now, she still adheres to the modesty tenant of her family's guidelines, and it seems likely that the wife and mother will have the same expectations of her own children.

Even though the family of four is still adjusting to life with two kids, Jessa has made it very clear that she wants more children. On the couple's blog, Jessa says her hope for the future is to accomplish more "outreach in our community, sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ, and adopting lots of children!"

While the Duggars have been through a lot as a family, it's refreshing to see that Jessa remains grounded in her own values and beliefs and is passing along the things that she loves best to her children.