Motherhood Is Jessa Seewald's Top Priority

Jessa Duggar rose to fame as one of the 19 kids in the Duggar family on TLC's hit show 19 Kids and Counting. Fans of the Duggar troupe have been able to watch Jessa grow up over the past eight years: Jessa was just a teenager when the Duggar's made their television debut, and now she's a married mother of two with a reality show of her own. While the 24-year-old does star in the TLC spin off Counting On with her older sister Jill, many fans of the Duggar family are wondering what Jessa Duggar's job is. For Jessa though, motherhood is her top priority.

Jessa's main source of income is her work in reality television, as well as fees from various appearances where she often discusses her moral and religious beliefs. Aside from appearing on the show, though, Jessa is focused on being a full time mom. She and husband Ben Seewald were married in November 2014. One year later, in 2015, the couple welcomed to their oldest child, a now-2-year-old son named Spurgeon Elliot. The happy couple welcomed their second son, Henry Wilberforce, in early 2017. Since giving birth to Henry, Jessa has been updating her social media accounts with sweet photos of her growing family.

Unfortunately, we live in a world that still manages to find ways to critique mothers for their parenting decisions. Some women face backlash for deciding to be full time moms, while others can face criticism for choosing to work full time after giving birth. This reality puts Jessa and her family in a particularly tricky position. Jessa is technically a stay-at-home mom, however, her role on Counting On is still work. Her job is, essentially, to document her experience as a full time mother. Her fame makes her especially vulnerable to mass amounts of criticism about her parenting choices.

Jessa and her husband came under fire for their seeming lack of employment not too long ago. They were targeted for making their living from the Duggar family's reality TV dynasty. News broke after the new year, though, that Seewald was taking the first steps towards becoming a preacher. There have also been some rumors that Seewald is interested in pursuing a career in public office.

Critics and fans of Counting On have to remember, as well, that they may not be privvy to every last detail of Jessa's life. Even if you don't agree with every professional and personal decision she makes, the most important thing is that her family is healthy, happy, and cared for. And so far, it seems she's succeeding.