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Jordan Fisher's Net Worth Proves He's A Rising Star

Jordan Fisher is having a moment. The Broadway star, singer, and now dance competitor has skyrocketed to fame in recent years with parts on Grease: Live! and Hamilton. With this kind of success, that also means that the young star is already on his way to making his millions. So what's Jordan Fisher's net worth before Dancing with the Stars? He's no billionaire yet, but he may be very soon.

A few different sites have a couple of different estimates when it comes to putting an actual number to how much Fisher is earning lately. It should be noted that these sources are meant to serve as an estimation, especially since they are all providing different answers. One site states that Fisher's current net worth is around $50,000. Another estimates that he is worth $250,000 while another puts him at $200,000. Obviously it's not possible that all three of these sources are 100 percent correct since some of the figures are drastically different, but one can assume from these various numbers that he's doing pretty well for himself, considering the awesome acting and performing gigs he's been getting lately.

While his star power isn't, say, on par with Lin-Manuel Miranda (yet), he is probably extremely well compensated for his role in Hamilton, various public appearances, and of course for Dancing with the Stars as well.

Fisher's first major role was as Doody on FOX's Grease: Live!. While this role was definitely great for exposure, he probably didn't earn a ton of money for the part. In the first place, he didn't have the star power to command a huge wage and it only aired once. It's unclear how much of the productions whopping $16 million budget went directly to Fisher's pocket, but hopefully he was happy with his salary. For some of his other projects, there's a little more information available.

For example, for Broadway actors, they have a minimum salary of around $1,800 a week. But since Fisher was a principal in Hamilton, he definitely made a whole lot more than this per week. No, he probably does not cost as much as, say, Bernadette Peters would, but it's safe to assume that as a principle character he would be making somewhere between $3,000 and $5,000 per week. This, of course, is not including what he's earning as part of the Dancing with the Stars competition. While reality shows do not pay as well as perhaps some other acting gigs, Fisher can still expect a healthy chunk of change for the show, and even more if he finishes in the top three (which we all know he will).

The stars on Dancing with the Stars reportedly earn money for appearing on the show based on a sliding scale. In 2010 it was reported that they earned $125,000 just for signing up and appearing on the first two episodes. After that, they earn a little more for each additional week they're on the show, with a bump for making it to the final three. Seven years later, this pay base is probably significantly larger these days, though still not quite on par with what these stars make in their day jobs.

Still at the beginning of his career, I feel pretty confident that Fisher is about to go on to make a lot more money. So while he may not be making millions by appearing on Dancing with the Stars, the name recognition he'll gain from the show could later translate into commanding much higher salaries for future projects, as well as boost sales for his new music album, a couple EPs from which he's already released. In conclusion, don't worry about Fisher. He's doing just fine.

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