Sonja Flemming/CBS

Josh May Be Back At Work Sooner Rather Than Later After 'Big Brother'

Whether you love him or hate him, Josh has definitely kept things interesting in the Big Brother house. He's taken to calling Cody, and anyone else that annoys him, "meatballs," and isn't afraid to stir up some drama in the house. But what does Josh do when he's not trying to win $500,000. What is Josh's job outside Big Brother?

According to his Big Brother cast bio, he's in haircare sales in Homestead, Florida. It seems fair to assume that means he sells things like shampoo, conditioner, and straighteners, but it's hard to know for sure — maybe he is selling these products to salons. Regardless, it's hard to believe that pays well, so winning this $500,000 could be very beneficial to Josh, but it looks like he probably won't make it that far in the game.

Josh is currently sitting on the block and with Jessica being head-of-household this week, it wasn't surprising to any one that he's the target. Josh and Jessica got into a nasty fight by the jacuzzi last week, when they both threw accusations at each other. Still, despite that fight Josh still voted with the house and sent Dominique home instead of Jessica.

Now though, Jessica is taking her shot. Alongside Josh, Jessica put up Ramses as a pawn and her current plan is to send Josh home but if Ramses gets pulled down she may replace him with a bigger target like Paul.

Even so, it looks like Jessica wants to get Josh out more than she wants to get Paul out, however will her plan actually be successful? Though Josh is definitely hot headed he's also somehow made some good allies in the house. Christmas probably won't vote him out because Josh has had her back since Day 1. Similarly, Paul likes having Josh in the house because of the drama he stirs and has used Josh in the past to rile up Cody, something he'd probably like to do again.

Plus, it doesn't help that Ramses is sitting next to Josh. Though Ramses has arguably done nothing wrong in the house, Paul got suspicious of him when he almost won the power of veto two weeks ago, which would of prevented Paul from backdooring Cody. Since then Paul has considered Ramses a snake. To add fuel to the fire, Kevin somehow successfully convinced Jason and Alex that it was Ramses who voted Jillian out, rather than himself.

If Josh and Ramses stay on the block this week, it could very well be Ramses who ends up going home instead of Josh, meaning Jessica and Cody will be blindsided once again. Will they ever learn their lesson?