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Kai Is Up To Something Sinister On 'AHS: Cult'

There's definitely something extremely unsettling about Evan Peters' Kai Anderson on American Horror Story: Cult. The election of Donald Trump seemed to unleash something in Kai, but by the end of the first episode it wasn't clear just what Kai was going to do with his new lease on life. He intentions are far from good, but what is Kai's plan on AHS: Cult?

In "Election Night," Kai's antics ranged from the absurd to the petty to the downright criminal. He began the episode by painting his face in Cheeto dust as an ode to Trump, but he quickly escalated from there. He splashed coffee over Ally and her wife Ivy, either because of their sexuality or their politics. He purposefully goaded a group of Latino men into attacking him so that he could film it, presumably in an attempt to make them look violent even though he was the one inciting them.

Kai's various exploits seemed chaotic and unfocused (plus whatever is going on with his sister Winter is also very weird) but there was one moment that may have revealed what his grand plan is: the scene where Kai went down to the local courthouse to share his views on an upcoming motion.

The city council was taking comments from the public about approving overtime for sheriff's deputies to stand guard at the Jewish Community Center. Kai was the only one there to speak and his opinions on the matter were unnerving, to say the least. Kai spoke about how people love to be afraid, and they love to let fear control them; he thought there should be even less police presence so that chaos could reign and those who weren't afraid could take control over those who were.

Kai's impassioned speech seemed to be setting the scene for his cultish rise to power, which Indiewire reported would take him from city council all the way to the Senate over the course of the season. Even Kai's mimicking of Trump in the mirror felt like an indication that he would be taking his strident views public sooner rather than later.

But there are even darker things at play than the political ascendency of an unhinged boy with blue hair. The council member who rightfully ripped Kai to shreds later ended up dead. And Ally was being terrorized by a group of clowns that could have a connection to Kai and his burgeoning cult.

Kai's master plan might not have been revealed quite yet, but when he unveils it, it's sure to be something dangerous.