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Hannah's Frontrunner Has A Very ~Interesting~ Instagram Page — And It's Public

Now that the premiere of The Bachelorette has come and gone, it's time to take a deep dive into all the contestants' situations. The best way to do that is via social media, obv. And, because the First Impression Rose went to someone who thought of himself as a mega player before his religious awakening, I'll bet y'all want to know what Luke's Instagram reveals. Same, people, same.

Luke P. goes by luke_parker777 on the Gram. His account was private until recently, as are the social media accounts of many of the contestants, which probably protects any outsiders from nabbing spoilers. Or, in some of the men's cases, a private account can hide all the secrets — such as a girlfriend on the back burner in case this whole Hannah thing doesn't work out (cough*Scott*cough). Luckily, Luke P.'s Instagram page seems innocent enough. As one of five who met Hannah on The Bachelor: After the Rose, Luke's confidence bordered on arrogance in my opinion, but Hannah liked the vibe.

Premiere aside, Luke's Insta bio is a good indicator as to where his priorities are, and they're aligned with Hannah's morals and values. It reads: "Jesus + Nothing = Everything || Philippians 4:13." Other signs Luke P. is the real deal include pictures of him holding his baby niece, Kennedy, family photos with his mama (who he seems super close with, another good sign), and tons of workout shots. There's even a picture of his pre-workout breakfast: peanut butter and jelly with two eggs and two egg whites. "Don't knock it until you try it," he wrote in the caption. I'll pass, thanks.

Hannah and Luke have palpable chemistry, but she's also clear about what flies and what doesn't. In promos for what's to come this season, it looks like Luke gets into some sort of verbal altercation — possibly about his intentions. After scanning his Instagram page for entirely too long, I want to believe he's there to find love with Hannah. Some aren't so sure. Regardless, Hannah isn't there to waste time — just look at the swift departure of Scott for those girlfriend rumors. After what happened with Colton on The Bachelor last season, who can blame her? In case you've misplaced those traumatic memories (or didn't watch at all), Hannah was sent home after meeting Colton's family and confessing she was, in fact, falling in love with him. So, if she seems a little less patient throughout her own season, it's because she does not have time for any more nonsense.

Luke's second meeting with "Alabama Hannah" felt smooth and effortless. At this point, it's hard to know how things will shake out with Luke or any other dude shouting "roll tide" to get Hannah's attention, but so far, he seems to be the one to beat.

If one's Instagram reveals who someone is — which is the farthest thing from the truth, actually — Luke is checking all of Hannah's boxes (so far). And if the First Impression rose is any indication of where Hannah's feelings are, I think Luke has an excellent shot at winning this thing.