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One 'Bachelorette' Contestant Has Political Ties

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Of the 30 men who started on the journey to find love with Bachelorette, Hannah, some of the job titles are impressive. There are "Portfolio Advisers," "Home Construction Builders," and a couple "Pilots." A few of the guys stood out which made me wonder, what is Luke S.'s job on The Bachelorette? This one has major ambition.

This Luke (because there's another), is a political fundraiser on Capitol Hill in Washington D.C., according to his ABC bio. That's pretty cool, but it also mentioned he's a "tequila expert" and "entrepreneur." His Instagram page has a few shots proving his love of tequila, with a picture of Luke's Raspberry Vodka under the name "Luke's Spirits." In another photo, he described his vodka creation as having "no added sugar, color or flavor." He had the help of a PhD inventor named Sean, FYI. In another photo he shared the prototype for the label saying the vodka would have been released last summer. The man is busy, for sure.

As a fundraising consultant for Fraioli & Associates since Nov. 2018, Luke's job is in helping to elect Democrats. It's unclear if that aligns with Hannah's political views. According to his LinkedIn profile, he used to work as a regulatory and legislative analyst, and even a staff assistant to California's Congressman Brad Sherman in the House of Representatives. As if that's not impressive enough, this hustler graduated with degrees in political science and art history from George Washington University, he was part of the Sigma Chi fraternity, and on the varsity rowing team. Apparently he goes after what he wants, so the other guys better watch out.

He may look like former Bachelor, Nick Viall, but he's definitely his own man, on his own journey (on the same show). He's also one of the men who seem to be there for the right reasons (for now), stating on his bio his "perfect girl" is a "Southern belle with a quirky personality." Sounds like someone we all know.

So far, Luke S. doesn't appear to have a clear lead even after meeting Hannah on the Bachelor After The Final Rose special when Hannah was first named Bachelorette. If you remember, Luke S. didn't make the best first impression with his off-putting comment about "going south." In the promo for what's to come this season, he can be seen defending his reasons for being there in a slightly aggressive tone. Hmm. I don't want to call him out yet, but maybe there's a reason his manager at Stoney's (the bar where he worked part time) said she wouldn't pick him if he appeared on the show. Ouch.

All of that aside, Hannah doesn't seem like the type to put much stock into what her man does for a living. Her title of (former) Miss Alabama USA is rock solid. The girl knows who she is and what she wants, and I doubt Luke's career goals or ambitions would stop her from choosing him (if that's who she's feeling the most).

Luke may be a political fundraiser by day, and do his tequila thing by night, but the most important thing is that he makes room for love. In any case, I look forward to seeing how his and Hannah's relationship plays out, and how it may, or may not, affect his career aspirations.

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