Here's Where To Find Madison From 'Southern Charm' On Instagram

Austen Kroll, who's back for his third season on Southern Charm, started dating hair and makeup artist Madison LeCroy in 2018. Fans met her in the Season 6 premiere and she's actually joining the show as a recurring cast member this season — with some friends and enemies already under her belt. Since it seems like she's here to stay for the foreseeable future, viewers may be wondering what Madison's Instagram handle is. Southern Charm is offering her quite the platform.

Her personal handle is @madison.lecroy and you can find her hair and makeup account at @hairandmakeup_bymadison. She already boasts 40,000 followers (plus another 11,400 on her professional account), and, from the look of her posts, Madison goes way back with Patricia Altschul and Naomie Olindo. Austen confirmed that the ladies got along well together when he first brought his new girlfriend into the fold last year. "Patricia's wanted her to come around more than she has in the past," he told Bravo's The Daily Dish in May, "and now that she's dating me, Patricia's like, 'Yay, Madison's going to be around!' because they have a great friendship."

Of course, it would be a little too easy if Madison had a great relationship with everyone in the cast, and there is one person who rubs her the wrong way. In the trailer for Season 6, she can be overheard telling Shep that she believes he's "a bad influence on Austen," which could make waves later on in the season.

Madison also has a 6-year-old son, who features prominently on her Instagram, and she owns her own salon in Charleston called Blush & Brushes. In fact, she did hair and makeup behind the scenes on the first four seasons of Southern Charm, per her LinkedIn account, which explains her coziness with the cast. Unfortunately, relationship drama appears to be on the horizon.

A video posted to YouTube, which is apparently being aired as part of the show later this season, appears to capture an altercation between Madison and Austen in which she accuses him of cheating on her with two different women. It gets pretty ugly, by which I mean Austen can be heard repeatedly calling her a "crazy person." It doesn't make him look great. The video also calls into question another tidbit from his The Daily Dish interview, in which he expresses concern for how wrapped up his new girlfriend gets "reading the comments."

He told Bravo:

I'm nervous in the sense that... my first season, I was reading all the comments because I was the golden boy on Season 4 and I'm like, 'Oh, everyone loves me. This is amazing.' And Madison is a comment-reader. And the comments are going to be coming in hot and heavy for the first month and I just want her to not get so caught up in it.

On its face, this seems like a caring statement looking out for his girlfriend's mental health. But taking the alleged cheating video into consideration, it seems like Austen may have ulterior motives here.

Regardless of what happens between them, it does seem like Madison has a strong support system amongst her fellow female castmates, who will hopefully have her back if the relationship goes south.