McKayla May Have Another Baby After 'Unexpected'

Unexpected offers a look into the lives of teen mothers, and their lives don't stop when the cameras turn off. What is McKayla doing now after Unexpected? She has a huge social media following.

From the looks of her Instagram, McKayla is focused on being a mom and growing her YouTube channel, where she has almost 200,000 subscribers. The channel is focused on documenting her mom life. Judging from her subscriber and view count, she seems to have helpful videos; her video titled "How I found out I was 16 and pregnant" has over 1 million views, for example.

McKayla was first featured in Season 1 of Unexpected where she was pregnant for the first time. According to her TLC biography, McKayla's own teen mother, Shannon, was absent during a lot of her childhood. McKayla herself was raised by her grandmother. In the first season, some highlights of McKayla's journey to young motherhood included shopping for prom dresses to fit over her growing baby bump, and work out her relationship with her mother — who also happened to be pregnant.

That's a lot to handle, but as fans have seen, McKayla was able to handle it. McKayla gave birth to her son, Timothy (Timmy) James-Allen Morrison, in July 2017. In Season 2 of Unexpected, and McKayla suspected that she was pregnant again. At this point, Timmy was only eight months old and there was a rift between McKayla and her family, particularly her mother. Now both McKayla and Timmy live with Caelan, Timmy's father, and Shelly, Caelan's mom.

McKayla explained why she feared that she would be pregnant again: because she and Caelan were having unprotected sex. "Pretty much we're not using protection," McKayla said during a talking head confessional. "Because we never really do it anyways and if we do use condoms, they hurt. Birth control hurts badly and I can't really take it anymore."

By the end of the last episode, McKayla had yet to take a pregnancy test to see if her hunch is correct. She hasn't made a big announcement on social media about the answer, but there are hints in her photos that she is. In an Instagram beach photo of McKayla, for example, fans have speculated that she is showing (she has since turned off the comments for this photo, as well as other photos).

Other than a possible second pregnancy, McKayla seems to be focused on raising Timmy and growing her YouTube channel as well as her Instagram and Twitter followings. Her videos are primarily vlogs and Q&As where she discusses what it's like being a teen mom. In my opinion, this could be helpful for other teens to see what it's really like going through the day to day of parenthood.

In an interview with local paper The Vindicator, McKayla and Caelan discuss what it's like being on Unexpected. Caelan told The Vindicator, "It’s something that happened and we thought we could show other teens how it is to be a teen parent — what they are going to go through," he said. "It shows that it’s hard, but at the same time, you can do it." Fans can see what comes out of McKayla's next pregnancy test on the upcoming episodes of Unexpected.