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What Is Melissa Gorga's Net Worth On 'Real Housewives Of New Jersey'? You May Be Surprised

Melissa and Joe Gorga seem to be doing pretty well for themselves on The Real Housewives of New Jersey despite the fact that Melissa hasn't had a job outside of the home until now. When it comes to material excess, they've got it all: the gigantic house, Melissa's fancy closet, and enough money to bankroll both her abandoned singing career and her brand new boutique. Of course, it wouldn't be the Real Housewives without an incredible amount of money on hand at any given time. But what is Melissa Gorga's net worth, exactly?

Despite appearances, Melissa and Joe are estimated to be $1.5 million in debt. That's right – their net worth is allegedly in negative numbers. The reason for this is that they owe some large sums of money to various places; according to Celebrity Net Worth, they owe $2.25 million on a mortgage from 2007 and $250k to different creditors. They tried to sell their home a few years ago to cover their debts, but it ended up being worth less than expected so they remained there. However, they don't appear to be hurting for cash on the show and with their various forms of income, it's possible that they won't be in debt for long. Also, it is important to note that these reports look to be a couple years old, so it's very possible that with all of their entrepreneurial ventures that they've already turned things around.

Joe and Melissa's marriage means their net worth is inextricably linked, particularly because Joe was the sole breadwinner for the family for many years. Melissa stayed at home with their three children until her time on RHONJ led to new career opportunities, including the aforementioned attempt at a music career, a book, a jewelry line, and now her new store, Envy. Joe is a real estate developer, making his money by taking houses and flipping them for a profit. It may not be the most reliable way to accrue income but it can be very rewarding when it works out.

Both of the Gorgas make some money from the show, with Melissa estimated to make $65k and Joe around $45k, which makes sense because the husbands generally make a little bit less – the wives are the stars, after all. And though Melissa's music career wasn't exactly a staggering success, she might still receive some royalties for the singles she released – ditto for her HSN jewelry line and her book, Love Italian Style: The Secrets of My Hot and Happy Marriage. Profits on her store are somewhat more questionable, particularly because Envy just opened and likely hasn't had a chance to prove itself just yet.

Reports of the Gorgas' net worth appear to be a few years old, so it's possible that they've turned things around recently. If not, things might look up in the future.