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This Fave From 'The Bachelorette' Definitely Has My Vote For One Good Reason

Now that you've met all 30 of Hannah's potential suitors on The Bachelorette, you're probably thirsty for more info so you can draft your faves before the final rose. Among those who immediately stood out, is the 31-year-old portfolio manager from San Antonio, Texas with a "strong name." To get a better sense of who this man is, what is Mike's Instagram from The Bachelorette? That's Johnson to you — Mike Johnson.

You can check him out under the username @mikejohnson1_ and if you thought he was a snack before — just wait. There hasn't been too much revealed about any of the contestants, including Mike, just yet. But because of how he and Hannah interacted during the introductions, he's definitely one to watch.

His ABC bio states this tall drink of water's resume includes time serving the country as part of the Air Force — and he's been to 30 countries. He also apparently enjoys Krav Maga and going to trampoline parks. What a combo. In case you didn't see Mike's story during the premiere, he's a romantic whose first real love was his great grandma. Aww. He does fancy himself a "city boy who loves to get down and dirty," which could be just the ticket for Alabama Hannah — as long as she doesn't con him into skydiving, which he claims is a major fear of his. Good thing he said that now — skydiving is not unheard of in Bachelor Nation.

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With or without social media accounts to look through, the history of the Bachelor franchise proves you can't count anyone out — especially right at the beginning. If anyone can attest to that, it's Hannah Beast. When she was a contestant on The Bachelor last season, Colton encouraged her to open up and be vulnerable — even amidst house drama with fellow contestant, Caelynn. Once she set her beauty pageant guard down, he sent her home. It was as hard to watch as it sounds. Luckily, Hannah learned from all that and knows she deserves to be someone's first choice.

It's unclear if Mike will have what it takes to get him to the finish line, but so far he seems like one of the more sincere, genuine men competing for Hannah's heart. And if I've said it once, I'll say it a million times more: a man that loves his mom and grandma to the moon and back is the kind of man you'll want to take home to meet the parents. Mike even has a YouTube channel with one upload: a single video from 2012 surprising his mom after he hadn't seen her in over a year (due to traveling). Aww again.

Obviously I can't tell you how far Mike gets on this journey (I don't actually know) but I do know that he appears just as charming — and gorgeous — on his Instagram as he does on the show. I honestly can't wait to see how he does with Hannah because if he doesn't score the final rose something tells me he won't have problems getting dates later on.