What Is Nicole Franzel's Job Outside 'Big Brother 18'? She Achieved Her Goal

While some of the contestants moving into the house in Big Brother 18 are brand new, others are much more familiar faces. Nicole Franzel is a returning cast member who last appeared in Big Brother 16, where she seemed like she had potential and got as far as seventh place before she was cut from the competition. But what does Nicole do with herself in between stints on reality television? She must keep busy somehow. What is Nicole's job outside of Big Brother 18?

When she first appeared on the show, Nicole was still studying and working towards her ultimate goal, but by now she's achieved it: she's an E.R. nurse. That's sure to lend her some skills for the competition; she will be able to handle a high pressure situation while keeping a level head, and be able to field any craziness that comes her way. Plus, Nicole has experience in the Big Brother house. She did well enough her first time: forming alliances, starting an in-show romance, and winning three Head of Household competitions. It didn't earn her the win her first time, but the combination of her show experience and her real life experience could give her an edge for her second attempt.

Becoming a nurse is a great accomplishment, and having achieved it seems to be important to Nicole. She posted about becoming a nurse on Instagram, adding this caption to the above photo: "Becoming a nurse was an important milestone in my life. Nursing school holds so many memories with great friends I never want to forget. This month I'm joining @livelokai and their partnership with the Alzheimer's Association. Together we can #fightformemories! #livelokai."

Lokai is a company that produces bracelets with two key elements secreted away in two of the beads: mud from the Dead Sea (the lowest point on Earth) and water from Everest (the highest point). It's supposed to mean something about balance, which is...neither here nor there, but ten percent of their net profits go to charity, which is better than no percent of their profits. They work with numerous charities including the Alzheimer's Association, Make a Wish, Oceana, and lots of others. Supporting a company that gives back seems like a good fit for a nurse.

It may be too soon to tell, but Nicole's offscreen abilities could provide her with the push she needed to take her game to the next level.