Outercourse May Be Your New Turn On

by Lindsay E. Mack

One of the best aspects of sexuality is its never-ending variety. New couples and people in long-term relationships alike can almost always find something new to try. With that in mind, you may be wondering what is outercourse and how can I utilize it in my relation? Well, to summarize, it's a way to get sexy without taking many risks.

Basically, outercourse is any type of sexual activity that does not involve penetration. Mutual masturbation, grinding, and even kissing can be considered forms of outercourse, according to Planned Parenthood. Mimicking the motions of penetrative sex while fully clothed, also known as dry humping or frottage, also falls under this category.

Why would someone opt for outercourse over sexual intercourse? There are plenty of reasons to enjoy outercourse, from personal comfort to practicality. From a health standpoint, outercourse poses no risk of pregnancy or STI transmission, as noted by Additionally, if a person is not ready for the emotional intimacy of penetrative intercourse with a new partner, then outercourse offers a way to express some of that attraction in a safe way. For couples who already have penetrative sex, indulging in outercourse can offer some options for foreplay and a deeper connection. Lastly, outercourse is helpful for reasons of pure practicality. For persons who are recovering from childbirth or other conditions that make penetration unadvisable, outercourse is a safe, fun way to express sexual feelings in the meantime.

Even if it's been a hot minute since your last backseat make-out session, there are many ways to bring outercourse back into your life. As explained by the website for Women's Health, pretending you're not allowed to have penetrative sex is a fun way to kick off your flirtation with outercourse. Maybe getting a bit touchy-feely during your usual Netflix marathon or having a clothed kissing session on the couch can inspire a renewed appreciation for building anticipation. For many people, this lengthy, languid attention to what is essentially foreplay will only boost sexual satisfaction overall. Who knows? Perhaps you and your partner will enjoy having fun with your clothes on more than ever. After all, playing around with the idea of the forbidden is almost guaranteed to spark interest.