Tommy Garcia/Bravo

'RHOC's Peggy Sulahian Is Doing Well For Herself

by Kathleen Walsh

The Real Housewives franchises are all about what it's like to live in the lap of luxury, so fans can assume that anybody on the show is doing pretty OK for themselves. But what is Peggy Sulahian's net worth? She's the newest member of The Real Housewives of Orange County, and from the looks of things, she's not exactly hurting for money. "You're a princess," Vicki told her in the trailer. Maybe.

She hasn't risen to huge celebrity yet, so there isn't much information available about the exact contents of her bank account, but there sure is plenty of speculation and estimation going on based on her career and her husband's career. According to the site What Net Worth, which it must be noted is not an official source and is not always reliable, Peggy and her husband Diko enjoy the very comfortable net worth of around $6 million. So while no, this hasn't quite reached the astronomical numbers of Lisa Vanderpump, who according to estimates is worth about $65 million (I know), she's in the same ballpark as her new costar Vicki Gunvalson, who is worth an estimated $7 million. Basically what I'm saying is, she's doing just fine, as you can tell from all the fancy sports cars in her driveway.

So how did Peggy and her hubby make all these millions? Well, around the time the couple's first daughter, Giovanna, was born, Diko started WTW Corporation, which is a line of high-end designer wheels and rims. In an interview with Highline Autos, Diko explained the origins of his company and his company fortune. Because he started creating his wheel designs when Giovanna was born, he decided to name a design after her. He now has designs named after each of his children, one for his second daughter Giannelle, and one for his son, Koko. In fact, according to the article, he also had a popular design he named after his wife called "Peggs." It was eventually discontinued, but nobody can say the man doesn't love his wife!

Now, it's Peggy's turn for the spotlight, and she definitely seems like the kind of person who's going to take full advantage of it. Perhaps she'll start her own liquor line as so many Housewives seem to do, or maybe she'll use the show to get a new company she's working on off the ground. But if one thing's for sure, it's that this affluent family is definitely about to grow even richer.