Craig Sjodin/ABC

Peter Is Dropping Hints About His Post-'Bachelorette' Whereabouts

by Kathleen Walsh

Fans are getting ever closer to finding who Rachel Lindsay's one true love is on The Bachelorette, which means it's time to start searching for hints on social media as to who the lucky guy is. For example, what is Peter doing now after The Bachelorette? Well, because Peter loves us and wants us to be happy, he's dropping lots of clues as to his whereabouts on his Instagram. However it is still maddeningly unclear whether or not Rachel is with him, or if he's just dedicated to staying buff because he's our next Bachelor.

Before this "journey" truly got on the road, there were a few things that everybody already knew about Peter. His official ABC bio said he was a "business owner" from Madison, Wisconsin (and that he's finished three Iron Mans!), which is a pretty bland description, to be honest and not nearly enough information about him as a person. A little further sleuthing reveals that he is also a former model and the business he owns is for personal training, which explains the rippling pectorals. So now that Peter has captured the hearts of Bachelor Nation, Bachelor Nation wants to know if he's also captured Rachel's. And if not, if he'd like to go out sometime. So based on his recent social media posts, here is what I've discovered...

He's Working Hard

Now that The Bachelorette has finished filming, it looks like Peter is back to his day job, repping both his business, Worth Personal Training (and Panera Bread), Peter captioned this adorable selfie: "A snapshot into my daily life... Countless hours spent at @panerabread with borderline deadly amounts of coffee. When you do what you love, the hours in the day never seem to be enough and the days truly fly by. Workin hard to spread my love with you all!!" Panera Bread exists all over the U.S. so this does not help pin him down to an exact location, but it is clear that he's keeping busy. So that's good.

Luckily, the caption for this incredible photo that I may use to wallpaper my entire apartment, is a lot more specific. "Who's excited to get pool party ready with Peter Kraus Fitness?! LA and San Fran, we're coming for YOU!!! Los Angeles on 7/22, San Francisco on 7/23!! Stay tuned for more details!," he wrote in the caption. BRB, buying a ticket to California, although I'm pretty sure I'm already "pool party ready."

He Recently Moved

Ever the informative caption-writer, Peter here tells us that he's "finally all moved out and ready to enjoy this beautiful Independence Day weekend..." But where!?!

He Spent Some Time With Family

Peter posted this photo with his niece in late May along with the hashtag #Madison, so he was presumably back home, at least for a while. Some commenters noted that Rachel recently posted a picture wearing the same hat.

The only problem with this theory is that, well, everybody has that hat. So I'm not going to take it as hard evidence.

Whatever my darling Peter is up to now, he seems like he's pretty happy. Is it wrong to hope that Rachel rejects him in the end so that he can be the next Bachelor? If so, then I don't wanna be right.