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'The Bachelorette' Resident Pilot Will Be Your New Favorite Man In Uniform

Of the two pilots on the Season 15 premiere of The Bachelorette Peter is the one who set off butterflies in Hannah (and Bachelor Nation). Dressed in his pilot's uniform, Peter offered Hannah the second set of wings from his two-pair set and the first pilot with his little paper airplane was kind of forgotten. Sorry, other guy. So, if you're in detective mode and looking for every last tidbit about this smooth-talking pilot — like what Peter's Instagram is to get a little background let me help you out.

PopSugar reported your favorite Bachelorette pilot was social media-free, but it appears as though Pete snuck up on everyone. Could this mean he's more "fly" than I previously gave him credit for? Peter — aka pilot_pete on the Gram — has the perfect bio for someone who spends his time in the sky. It reads: "catch me if you can." Other gems on his photo wall include shots in the air with brother, Jack, who is also a pilot. The flying thing runs in the family: his dad is a pilot, and his mom is a flight attendant. All of this to say, Peter knows who he is, and where he's going (anywhere; because he can fly wherever he wants).

As the man who offered to take Hannah anywhere she wants to go — and the only man in uniform — I'd say Peter is off to a flying start. He's been to Switzerland, Greece, and Mexico to name a few — all documented through pictures. If I'm going by Hannah's personality from Colton's season, she seems down for anything, which means this could be a perfect match. It also looks like the young pilot could be your next pilot. According to an older post, he said, "I've wanted to become a major airline pilot my entire life and today. I'm so excited to announce I've accepted an offer to fly for Delta Air Lines." Next time you're in the air, it wouldn't hurt to inquire whether your pilot is Bachelorette-approved because it could be Peter.

Other Insta-finds include Peter's love of football, line dancing, and his dog, Tripp (bless). And sure, he still lives at home with his mom and dad, but I'm sure there's a good reason for that. He's a pretty busy, worldly guy and even flew Richard Sherman, former Seattle Seahawks cornerback. I get that all of this sounds braggy and over-the-top, but this is a show where 30 men compete for a wife. Do your thing, Peter. Something tells me Hannah will be a fan.

Speaking of your Season 15 Bachelorette, it's not easy narrowing 30 men down to one forever partner, but "Hannah Beast" is taking it all in stride, even after sending one contestant home for having a girlfriend. Whoops. The former Miss Alabama USA won't settle for anyone unwilling to "put her first every single day," and that should be everyone's motto, TBH. So far, Peter's on the right path, but only one episode in, there's a lot that can go wrong or be revealed. I'll be waiting, Pilot Pete. Don't let me down.