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5 Ways Pippa Middleton Is Such A Virgo (Just Like Prince Harry)

Pippa Middleton and the rest of the Middleton family found themselves internationally famous after Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge married Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge, in 2011. Pippa's maid of honor dress turned heads on her older sister's wedding day, inspiring copy-cat dresses of its own (just like Kate's wedding gown did). And while you might think that you know a lot about Kate Middleton, you likely don't know quite as much about Pippa. The ways Pippa Middleton is such a Virgo, however, give you a pretty interesting glimpse into her personality, because she fits in well with the Earth sign in a number of ways.

Though Pippa Middleton is not a member of the British royal family, particularly in the way that her sister is, she's certainly often associated with some of the younger members. Prince Harry (now known as the Duke of Sussex after his own wedding to Meghan Markle in May) is also a Virgo. In fact, their birthdays are only about a week and a half apart. Pippa's birthday, in case you were wondering, is September 6, which makes her pretty solidly a Virgo. Prince Harry's, on September 15, puts him closer to the endpoint of the sign's dates. Like Prince Harry, Pippa seems to fit her sign in a number of ways. From her reluctance in the spotlight to her work, Pippa Middleton really seems to be a good representation of some of the things that you might expect from someone who is fairly emblematic of classic Virgo personality traits and characteristics.


She's Always Polished & Put Together

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Though Pippa is not scrutinized with the same intensity as her sister Kate has been for years, she's always polished when she steps out. In an interview with Yahoo Style UK, Sally Kirkman, an astrologer and writer, said that Pippa is "impeccably turned-out," which fits in with her Virgo personality. Since her maid of honor dress is pretty much what really launched her onto the international stage, it makes sense.


She Doesn't Love The Spotlight

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Pippa Middleton doesn't love the idea of TV cameras trained on her and everything she's doing and Virgos aren't typically comfortable being in the limelight. The Washington Post reported that she told the Today show that she's not a huge fan of the spotlight being on her, which is part of the reason why it took so long for her to do any on-camera interviews (her interview with Today happened in 2014, three years after her sister's wedding).


She's Loyal

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Pippa also, of course, famously served as the maid of honor at her sister's wedding to Prince William. In the same interview with the Today show, she said that her iconic dress wasn't actually supposed to be "significant," but rather was intended to fade into the background, putting all of the attention on the bride's gown. The sisters are said to be quite close.


She's Written Professionally

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Pippa has written professionally in the past, penning two books, as Vanity Fair noted, and writing for several publications. It makes sense that writing is important to Middleton, as Virgo's ruling planet is Mercury, which is the "planet of communication," as Astrostyle noted.


Serving Others Is Important To Her

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Additionally, like Prince Harry, serving others is very important to Middleton. Her second book, Heartfelt, was written to raise money for the British Heart Foundation, as the previously-mentioned Vanity Fair article reported. Not only that, but after her wedding to James Matthew, Middleton shifted her focus to emphasize philanthropy, as Town & Country reported.

Middleton clearly fits quite well as a Virgo. But whether or not she'll continue to embrace her Virgo traits as a mother still remains to be seen — she isn't due to give birth until later in 2018. Either way, if you're looking for someone who's basically a textbook Virgo, look no further than Pippa Middleton.