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Porsha's Fiance Dennis McKinley Has A Few Restaurants

Porsha Williams has found love on The Real Housewives of Atlanta, getting engaged to Dennis McKinley and expecting her first child in short order. But even though Dennis is a big part of her life, fans are still getting to know him. He seems to be a businessman of some kind, and owns are least a few restaurants. But what are Porsha's boyfriend Dennis' restaurants?

In the profile of his Instagram account, Dennis provides a link to the website for his company Detroit Equities. According to the site, the company "build[s] branding thru strategic investments [sic]," which can involve providing capital, expertise, and resources to the various businesses under their umbrella. There are currently 11 businesses affiliated with Detroit Equities, and a few of them are restaurants. There's the Cru Hookah Lounge, Slice, and the Original Hot Dog Factory. Some of the listed businesses don't have their own sites yet, so it's possible they're still in the early stages.

Though Detroit Equities appears to be named after Dennis' hometown, all of the restaurants are Atlanta-based. It's unclear how much involvement he has in the day to day of each location; he's described on the Detroit Equities site as a "serial entrepreneur" with a history in "real estate, e commerce, retail, business and product development, hospitality, licensing, and leadership." So he's certainly keeping busy.

Cru Hookah Lounge boasts that it has been the "top rated hookah lounge" in Atlanta for three years running. They offer bottle service and some signature cocktails, as well as several varieties of hookah. Their House Mix is the most affordable at $25, and it mixes flavors of mint, orange, peach, banana, watermelon, strawberry, grape, coconut, and vanilla. The most expensive is the Super Premium for $40, which includes hurricane herbal, Cali herbal, blueberry vanilla ice cream, Cru lemonade, and "Fruity Pebbles" (quotation marks theirs). Cru also offers small plates of snacks, like wings, quesadillas, and shrimp tacos.

Slice, very fittingly, serves pizza. It purports to be "a taste of NYC in the heart of downtown Atlanta," but as a New York native I have a healthy dose of skepticism about these claims. Their menu keeps it pretty traditional with salads, pasta dishes, and sandwiches, though they get a little creative with the pizzas. You can enjoy some kind of loaded baked potato from their Specialty Pies selection (Is it a potato masquerading as a pizza? Are potatoes placed onto a pizza? Inquiring minds want to know), plus the always-controversial Hawaiian slice.

Lastly, the Original Hot Dog Factory is all about — you guessed it — hot dogs. They offer all kinds, from classic beef hot dogs with a vast array of toppings to Jamaican jerk chicken dogs and veggie soy dogs. You can even get a corn dog there if that's what your heart desires.

Dennis often posts photos of the food from his restaurants on Instagram, making it clear there's an option to franchise if you want a Hot Dog Factory of your very own. If not, next time you're in Atlanta, you can just check out one of these spots.

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