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'Westworld' Season 2 Will Dive Into The Many Other Delos Parks

by Megan Walsh

When Maeve stumbled upon feudal Japanese warriors in the Season 1 finale of Westworld, it was the first hint that there were other parks beyond the western-themed one audiences knew so well. In Season 2, the boundaries between Delos properties blurred even further when a bengal tiger from "Park 6" washed up on Westworld's shores. Fans have theorized about where that tiger came from, dubbing its possible source "Raj World." But what is Raj World on Westworld?

Bengal tigers are native to India, which seems like a pretty good indication of the origin of the dead tiger in Westworld. It might have come from a park that references a specific time in Indian history, as Shogun World does with Japan and Westworld does with the United States. But viewers have taken the idea even further than that, determining the name Raj World after some careful sleuthing.

Redditor EightB1ts was the one to uncover the name in a thread on the Westworld forum. Their initial evidence cited both the tiger (which can be seen in the promo for Episode 3, "Virtù e Fortuna") and the fact that filming locations for Season 2 could resemble India. They pointed out that HBO owns a couple of domains with Raj World in them. But it went further than that.


Analyzing some code on the Delos Destinations website led the Reddit user to discover a glitching gif in which the words "Raj World" could just barely be read. Clues have been buried in the Delos and Westworld sites before, which makes this seem even more plausible. Plus, if you go onto the Delos site and ask Aeden (the available guest services host) what Raj World is, it will reply, "That sounds like something to me..." That definitely feels like a nudge in the right direction. However, asking about a Nora Ephron Romcom World got the same response, so it might not mean anything at all — unless I am strangely prescient about some of the other parks.

Still, a park made to resemble India does seem incredibly likely, even if you're just pointing to the tiger as proof. The show itself hasn't given out many more tips besides that, so Park 6 could reference any time at all in Indian history, though the term "Raj World" does make it a lot more specific. The word "raj" can mean several different things but generally alludes to the period of time in which Great Britain colonized India; British rule lasted there from 1858 to 1947. That's still a fairly vast swath of time to cover, but even Westworld mixes and melds various aspects of the wild west to form its own unique fantasy version.


A park set during the British Raj would make sense based on the kind of experiences Delos sells: it would lend itself to a sprawling landscape with a distinct look that provides its guests with adventures that are, let's say, more than a little problematic in nature. It's another scenario, like Westworld, that allows for the privileged people in power to delve even deeper into their darkest fantasies while maintaining complete control.

However, the dead tiger proves that the host rebellion has extended beyond Westworld. How else could a creature kept in one park escape and make its way to another? There's programming in place to keep all the hosts where they belong, but it seems like that no longer matters now that they're becoming sentient. Shogun World will be explored further in Season 2, but it might not be the only other park that makes an appearance. It looks like the Westworld universe is just going to keep expanding.

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