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What Is Robby Hayes From 'The Bachelorette' Doing Now? He's A Social Butterfly

It's strange to think that once The Bachelor and The Bachelorette contestants leave the show, for the most part, they just return to their every day lives, going to work, hanging with family, and trying to find love on Tinder like the rest of the world. Some show up on the spinoff Bachelor in Paradise and some are lucky enough to become the next season's star, as JoJo did after coming in second place in Ben Higgins' heart. But for the most part, the ex-suitors just go back to the real world, hopefully having learned a thing or two about love, and about reality television. So, what has Robby Hayes been doing since The Bachelorette stopped filming? From the looks of things, he's enjoying himself with friends in the sunshine all over the country. And he looks awfully good doing it.

We don't know for sure yet whether or not JoJo picks Robby or Jordan in the end, but most feelings expressed suggest that she's she's pretty obsessed with Jordan, and in the end Robby will come in close second. If Robby doesn't end up winning, with his good looks and social butterfly tendencies, I'm not worried he'll find the right girl in the end.

His most recent Instagram posts place Robby in Denver, where he's enjoying the company of some close friends.

Robby is from Jacksonville, Florida, but at the moment he appears to be having a blast at Coors Field in Denver, Colorado watching a Rockies game, and getting drinks with some pals who all have similar hairstyles. Did he move to Denver, or is he just visiting buddies? According to his LinkedIn, he still works for a company in Florida, which suggests the latter.

He also appears to have spent some time at Country Thunder, a popular country music festival, in Wisconsin, trying his hand at being a country singer. Maybe he was inspired by fellow Bachelorette hopefuls James Taylor and Luke Pell.

This adorable shot of Robby and and our old buddy James Taylor was taken in Atlanta, Georgia. They don't look too broken-hearted, so perhaps they've consoled one another with cocktails and silly Snapchat lenses.

Basically, it looks like Robby has spent the past few months on the road, visiting friends across the country. Does this mean his job has changed? Is it possible JoJo is with him? We'll find out soon enough.