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What Is Sarah Herron's Job Outside 'Bachelor In Paradise'? Basically, She's Killing It

Bachelor in Paradise Season 3 will be Sarah Herron's third time on a Bachelor nation show, having made her debut in Season 17 where she dated Sean Lowe. She might not have captured Sean's heart, but she sure did capture everyone else's not least of all for her determination not to let her physical disability get in her way. Sarah was born with a limb deficiency, and as a result her left arm never grew properly. But it seems to have barely even slowed her down on her way to taking over the world and making it a better place. What is Sarah Herron's job outside of Bachelor in Paradise? She's a queen, basically.

Sarah's day job is as an advertising executive. She currently works as an Art Director and Creative Producer at 72andSunny, where according to her LinkedIn, she has been working for the past six and a half years. She's worked on campaigns for Coors, Starbucks, and perhaps most importantly with the American Legacy Foundation's truth campaign, where she's helping take down big tobacco. She may be a Bachelor veteran, but her time on the show hasn't become a career for her, as it has for many of her fellow Bachelor contestants.

While many a Bachelor and Bachelorette alum have used the show as a launching pad for a career in entertainment and/or Instagram promoting, Sarah used her newfound influence to create Shelift, which is just incredibly cool. Shelift is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping girls overcome their own personal obstacles and basically to live their best lives. Shelift organizes "events, day camps and weekend adventures for girls with physical disabilities" according to the website, all led by inspiring mentors who help heal emotional scars and prevent insecurities in girls "who've been made to feel 'different.'"

Chad "The Chad" Johnson's insensitive and all-around gross comments about Sarah and her physical appearance on Bachelor in Paradise gave everyone watching just a taste of the sorts of obstacles girls living with similar disabilities must face every day. While Chad apologized on Twitter, our girl Sarah still called him out. First she responded that if he's really sorry, he can apologize to her personally and not on a "stage." She then took it a step further and added, ".@realchadjohnson I would love for you to say you're sorry by making a charitable donation to my nonprofit http://SheLift.org #shelift." Yass.