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What Is Shannon Beador's Net Worth On 'Real Housewives'? She's A Millionaire

Being filthy rich is part of the deal for a cast member on the Real Housewives of Anywhere, but even amongst the wealthy there are levels. While Heather Dubrow's multiple mansions have proven her the Housewife with the most dollar bills to her name, relatively new addition Shannon Beador isn't doing too shabby either. In fact, Shannon comes in right under Heather when ranking the women according to how much money they're lining their coffers with. But what is Shannon Beador's net worth, exactly?

Shannon is worth $20 million, just ("just") ten million short of Heather's $30 mil. She's only been on the show for three years or so, so the bulk of the Beador funds were earned pre-Housewives. That's usually how they find their way onto the show: impressive spending habits and even more luxurious homes. While not every woman on the show is technically a housewife, Shannon seems to be, focusing on her home and her children instead of an outside career. Her family's money comes from her husband David's construction company, Beador Construction, Inc., which they've had since 1996. According to Celebritynetworth.com, Beador Construction brings in $13 million a year – a tidy sum to be earned over the last twenty years.

Though David is running the company now, it was founded by his father and was already running smoothly by the time David married Shannon. The company, which operates out of Corona, California, works mostly in highway, street, and bridge construction, though they have also dealt in both non-residential and residential construction. With big jobs like that, it's no wonder Beador Construction is pulling in millions.

Real estate always helps with the Housewives, too. The Beadors used to own the largest home in Bonita, CA and in 2014 they sold their Newport Beach mansion for thirteen million dollars. It's unclear what Shannon did before her marriage to David, but now instead of business, Shannon keeps busy raising her daughters and spending time with her "energy specialist and Feng Shui advisor." A holistic lifestyle is important to Shannon, and she works hard to keep toxicity out of her home. It's not certain just how much Shannon earns from RHOC, but it was reported that co-star Heather potentially earns around $30k a season, and it's likely Shannon also takes home a similar paycheck.

Though Shannon is one of the wealthier of the women on RHOC, she has remained refreshingly relatable for a Housewife. Shannon just wants to snack, nap, and avoid exercise – goals anyone could respect.