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Siggy Flicker's Husband Has An Impressive Career

For her sophomore year on Bravo's New Jersey addition of the Real Housewives series, Siggy Flicker's hubby finally makes an appearance, so we get to see this marvelous man of hers. And, of course, immediately start researching everything about him. So what is Siggy Flicker's husband's job? The Real Housewives of New Jersey couple apparently have the perfect life. At least, that's what they seem really eager for everyone around them to believe.

The first season that Siggy appeared on the show she talked about her husband Michael Campanella (always referred to by his first and last name by his wife), but he did not ever appear. "He is a business man and not a reality star. He doesn’t feel comfortable in the spotlight or on camera," she said in an interview with All About Real Housewives in 2016. This is kind of a cute opposites attract moment, considering how much Siggy seems to very much like being in the spotlight. But he seems to have found his Bravo-legs this season, because he shows up for the very first time. All I can really say about him so far is that he does indeed appear to be a memorable presence. I'm interested in learning more about him.

At the moment, Campanella owns a successful car dealership, which is how he has earned his money. According to his LinkedIn page, Campanella owns Bayside Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram in Bayside, Queens. Before that, he owned a White Plains Dodge dealership in Westchester, New York and the Rockland Dodge dealership in Rockland, New York. He has been in this business for the past 20 years, and has seen quite a bit of success. His LinkedIn also reveals that he did not get a college education, but that has hardly been a barrier to Campanella achieving everything he wanted to.

Siggy told the Palm Beach Post that when she met her husband he didn't seem like her type on paper. "But my heart was pounding. We started talking, and he was not afraid to admit his failures. That was sexy to me." Now that we finally have an opportunity to see these two together, it's clear that they do have a wonderful relationship. In fact, Siggy's ex-husband was the best man at the wedding, which definitely indicates a certain level of maturity from all parties involved. "He is my rock, my voice of reason, my everything. He celebrates my successes and encourages me to conquer the world. I want everyone to find their Michael Campanella," Siggy gushed in her Bravo blog.

According to TheNetWorth, Campanella's net worth hovers somewhere around the $5 million mark. I would like to take this moment to remind everyone that Campanella did not go to college which is making my $40,000 student loan debt look sillier than usual right now. Follow your own path, children. Who is anyone to judge you.

So far this season, Campanella has not played a large role in any of the drama currently unfolding. Siggy did say that he wanted her to take on fewer speaking engagements, which the women were quick to pounce on as a sign of a controlling husband. I can't say one way or another whether this is true of Campanella. Siggy herself denies that he is anything other than loving and supportive, saying that she married a "man who's a man." I don't know what being a man has to do with being supportive, but I'm glad she's happy in her marriage.

For his own sake, I hope Campanella has enough sense to stay far away from the Housewife drama. In my experience, it never turns out well for the husbands.

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